Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lucky To Love LYLA

Lyla is ALIVE!!!! 
 Lyla is able to be adopted!!!!!

Here is my heart on Beautiful Lyla (listed on RR as Lilianna):

On May 17, 2010 I found the most Beautiful Little Girl on Reece's Rainbow and I knew with all of my heart and soul I was her MOM!!!  I would do whatever it would take to bring this precious princess home!!  On June 8, 2010 our family committed to this little girl with Down syndrome listed as Lilianna.  This is the post from that JOYOUS DAY:  We decided we wanted to name this sweet little girl LYLA and our blog would be titled
 "Lucky to Love Lyla"!!

Here is a letter I wrote Lyla On July 30, 2010:

As a family we were so excited to bring this little girl home!  We had so many plans for her and for us as a soon to be complete family.  We had thought she would probably be home in November and since her birthday was in November it all made perfect sense.  

On September 9, 2010 we received an e/m from Andrea at Reece's Rainbow that Lyla was very ill.  She was in the hospital and they were not sure if she would SURVIVE.  Here is the post from that awful day:   Our World Crumbled!!!!!

On September 29, 2010 we found out that we would NOT be able to bring her home.  She was too sick and it was thought that her next home would be HEAVEN.
Our hearts were in a million pieces and I just wanted to get on a plane and be there for her, by her side, loving her until she went to HEAVEN!!!!  I remember feeling responsible that I had PRAYED so many times for her to come HOME but that GOD must of misunderstood what "home" I  meant - I did NOT mean with HIM - I meant With US!!!!

So we had to decide what we would do.  It was our plan to adopt another little girl with Down syndrome and return in the Spring if Lyla survived to bring her finally home!!  There was no way I could choose another child.  No way.  I had stayed up all night just starring at all the beautiful children needing a family and it was impossible.  So when Dave woke up that morning, I told him he had to do it!!!  And he sure did!!!!

We were so BLESSED to adopt Isabelle December 30, 2010 and bring her home January 2011.  There is no question about it that
Lyla also SAVED me

In December A family that was adopting from the same orphanage as Lyla had asked the caregivers about her while they were there.  They were told that she was critical and she would be going to HEAVEN very soon.  I had PRAYED that JESUS would just take her HOME as she has obviously suffered enough.  This poor sweet little girl, she had turned 1 and was as tiny as a newborn.  I believed it was time for the suffering to STOP!!!!

We were a very happy family of 8 - we were all head over heals in LOVE with Belle!!!  And we couldn't imagine life with out her.  But it never was far from our HEARTS knowing that if it wasn't for Lyla - Belle wouldn't be here.   Lyla was always on my mind and in my HEART.   

So Spring came and I contacted Reece's Rainbow but they had not had an update on Lyla!  So we waited and then May came around again and I had the crazy obsession that we needed to adopt again, another little girl with Down syndrome from Ukraine.  So we asked about Lyla and still no update.  

I grieved the loss of Lyla as I was sure she was in HEAVEN.  I mean how could she of survived???  It was almost unbearable to let her go!!!  But I did! 

In June I was scrolling Reece's Rainbow and I found a little girl listed as Macie.  We committed to her on June 8, 2011.  (The same day last year we committed to Lyla).  Macie was adopted by a family outside of Reece's Rainbow so we needed to make a choice.  Maybe if we had waited.........Well, I could maybe all day and night.  Anyways, we decided to continue with an adoption of a little girl with Down syndrome.  But I couldn't choose - No Way!!!!  So I again, left it up to Dave.  He chose a BOY!!!!  Oh my, I didn't see that coming.  A beautiful little boy who coincidentally was in the same orphanage that Lyla had lived.  I did not tell Dave that it was the same orphanage, he had no idea.  We committed to Gavin on June 25, 2011 and we were all so excited to bring home a little boy! 

July 28, 2011 I received word from Andrea (RR) of an absolute MIRACLE!!!!  Lyla was ALIVE and able to be ADOPTED!!!!  The beautiful little girl that I LOVED with all my heart and SOUL and GRIEVED the Loss of was ALIVE!!!!  Oh MY!!!!  I couldn't Believe it!!!  How in the world did she SURVIVE.  She is obviously a FIGHTER and SHE OBVIOUSLY Didn't GIVE UP.  Sadly, I had given up on her!!!  How could I???  I had promised that I would do whatever it would take to bring her home!!!  I promised to FIGHT for her!!!  I know it probably seems obvious that we should just adopt Lyla while adopting Gavin.  Especially since they are in the same orphanage!!  But it is NOT that easy.  We can NOT adopt another child.  We just Can NOT!!!  So do we turn our back on Gavin???  That doesn't make any sense either.  We are all heartbroken and so TORN!!!  We are over the moon GRATEFUL that she is ALIVE.  As this is the most important part of all of this!!!  It's not about us - I know!!  It is about HER!!!  But I am sick with GUILT -  How do I turn my back on the ONE person that SAVED ME and more importantly SAVED my Beautiful Daughter Belle?????   Oh Friends - We need Help with this one for sure!!!!

So what will we do?????

Well, We will FIND her a FAMILY!!!  We will advocate for her like crazy!!!  I will BEG all of you to please do the same!!!  PLEASE???  Blog about her, Facebook about her, Twitter about her, tell everyone you know about the little Miracle Girl who is simply meant to do BEAUTIFUL things in this world.  She has done so much already - and she has done these things living in an orphanage and ICU!!!  Imagine what she will do when she is in the home of a LOVING FAMILY??????  Oh My!!!!  Just HUGE!!!!

Oh Please, Please, Please GOD 
Find Her a Forever Family

We Will Always be Lucky to Love Lyla!!!!!!


  1. Praying and sharing!


  2. So happy to learn that Lyla is healthy! Can we donate to her fund?

  3. Praying for peace for your family and for Lyla to find her forever home as well.

    She's so beautiful, those eyes of hers are captivating.

  4. Just waiting for you to post first! I will get going on it !!

  5. I'm praying for Lyla! I hope her family find her SOON!! she's so beautiful!!! I know you love this girl so much Summer, and I can understand your heart is broken, but I think this was God's plan for Lyla, tu help you save Belle and Gavin!

  6. I pray she finds her home. We were in a similar circumstance. The daughter we lost to Russia saved our son. Some people dont think domestic adoption is saving a life but it very much is. Our son's first adoptive parents walked away from him because they wanted their perfect child. Had he not been adopted he may have grown up in foster care. Our Russian princess that still needs a family saved my son's life. Praying for your family and Lyla. BE blessed


  7. oh summer i have just read stephs post over at daily smiles and came straight over to offer you my love, prayers and support! there has to be some amazing plan here, i simply do not believe its a coincidence that you are going to the same orphanage for gavin for no reason! i cannot even begin to imagine how torn you must be! i will post about you and beautiful Lyla next week in the forget-me-not friday post and of course i will add her face weekly to the gallery. its a very small bit of help but you never know! do stop by and linkup if you are able to (please dont worry though if you cant!) as every linkup means more chances of people stopping by to see these beautiful faces. And of course you have my prayers and blogworld friendship! What an inspirational woman you are i pray your heart and soul settle quickly over these revelations. hugs Janexxxx