Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Here we come Lyla........

Wow - today is the BEST day ever.  I will never forget June 8, 2010 - it was this day - that we made a commitment as a family to bring home a little princess from Eastern Europe.  This sweet gem was born with some special needs which makes it even more important that we save her ASAP.  She has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, well my husband has some pretty nice blue eyes too.  I found her May 17, 2010 on reecesrainbow.com and it was love at first sight.  I found her and BAM - just like that I knew I wanted to be her MOM.  I knew she belonged with us here in this house with this family.  I knew we would love her , protect her and encourage her to be who ever she wants to be.  I knew with all my heart I would do what ever it would take to bring her home.   I have been inspired by other families that have brought home special need angels on RR.  One family in particular is the Basile Family http://angeleyesadoption.blogspot.com/ - Oh My Goodness does this family have a way with words.  This Amazing family brought home "a sassy diva" named  Zoya and she has been an absolute joy to watch thrive in her new family.  Warning if you visit their blog - box of tissues are necessary for the never ending flow of Happy Tears.  Trust me!!!! 

So now we just need to raise about $24,000 - no problem!!!!  Pocket change!!!!  We will soon have a place on Reecesrainbow.com where you (PLEASE???) can make a donation!!! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you follow our journey to bring our new daughter home.


  1. Beautiful family! I am BEYOND EXCITED and have been sharing with everyone Lyla's story and how God worked through me without me even having a clue what was happening! I am going to be doing a post about her soon with her story and your blog address. I am just so excited and can't wait to follow your journey!!

  2. I found this through elisha whitmore's photo site. I am in Sunday School with her sister Amanda and she did my son's senior pictures and also a lot of pictures of friends since then. ANYWAY>>>
    We have a 12 yr old boy that we adopted from Russia in 2001, at age 3.5
    Good luck and I'm sure that you have done TONS of research, but if not as much in some areas, don't believe the heart issue until your family doctor has confirmed it. Albert was supposed to have a heart issue, but in reading up, that is one of the reasons given for these children to be open for international adoption. Our doctor said that he is fine!! And has had no health issues since he has been here. He DOES have that stubborn Russian streak :o) Good Luck.
    karen bensink