Monday, August 22, 2011

Before Bed Fun

 Bellie climbs on the couch - off the couch - on the couch - off the couch
She LOVES IT!!!   And we LOVE watching HER!!!!
 Baseball in the house!  Bellie dove for a fly ball and Yes, Owen does not have his undies on!!  
Now that he is potty trained we just have to REMIND him constantly to put his undies back on!!  
Especially for a Baseball Game!!!
 Run to the Bathroom!!!  Yes, Sara is potty training too!!!  Go Spitz Kids!!!!!
 Loves to chew on her bib
 Sister Time!! 
 Beautiful Blue Eyed Girl
(Jill - thank you for noticing how good Belle's eye looks - you would never know that she use to keep it partially closed all the time)
 Sara was tickling Belle and they both were cracking up!!  
 Sara is showing Belle that this Barney plays music
 It's been about 10 minutes so time to climb up on the couch again!!!
 Yes, Miss Sara is throwing a fit!  Not sure what it was about but she was MAD!!!
 Yep, that would be Belle getting off the couch and Owen is dancing in the background with his undies on - YAY!!!
 Owen chasing Sara
 Owen hiding from Sara
 Owen pretending he made soup and eating it out of a medical case with a drum stick!
Love that imagination!!!!
And then my Favorite!!!  
My Sweet Handsome Boy Rocking a Pink Cowboy Hat
He said "Mom take my picture"
I said "Owie, no one wants to see your privates"
So He Covered Them!!!!!
And I took the picture - How could I not??????


  1. Oh Owen you crack me up! At least he was good enough to cover them up for you to take the pic, naked hinnie pics too cute.....

    Oh Sara a girl after my heart with the drama. LOL Love your spirited ways.

    Bellie, my oh my girl, look at you climbing up and down how great are you with all that physical therapy. Your beautiful eyes are so pretty.

    Mommy & Daddy how tired you must be by the end of the day, but without doubt you go to bed with great big smiles on your face after watching a night like this.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. You're welcome. :-)

    And your bedtime fun looks just as wild as ours sometimes! So glad to hear the potty training is going well. SOOO not looking forward to starting that with Elijah...Rachel is probably just about ready...maybe after we get in a school routine. Yay for Owen and Sara!!!

    Oh, and praying about your last post too...

  3. And that will be a picure he LOVES when he gets into high school. You'll have to pull that one out when he brings his girlfriends home :)

  4. That last picture is just too funny. This is how our evenings are at our house too. The kids play the best from dinner to bedtime, I think they are secretly trying to get me to let them stay up later :) Kaylee does the on the couch, off the couch thing too, except she hasn't figured out how to get on by herself yet.

  5. Oh my goodness! He's like the backwards version of the naked cowboy in NY...just give him a guitar!

    Too cute!


  6. And that's definitely a picture his girlfriend will want to see when he's older LOL He's too cute!
    Yay! for the potty training! I insist, you deserve a prize Summer! No one want to potty train TWO at the same time!! haha you are a brave woman!