Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Stuff and Not so Good Stuff

First bit of Wonderful News is that the Basile Family sent their dossier to EE this morning!!!!  They just started the process 6  weeks ago - it is just so AWESOME!!!!!  GO GOD!!!!!  Sweet Little Laina will be meeting her Mommy & Daddy very soon!!!!

Second bit of good stuff  is we have a sneak peek of Tay's senior pictures at  Tell me what you think????

Now the YUCKY!!!!  

Remember a month ago I asked for PRAYERS for a situation that I felt very helpless?  Then I posted that AMAZING things had happened and I couldn't wait to share with all of you?  Well unfortunately I can't tell the story yet but I can tell you that it is not working out as planned.  I would ask that you PLEASE, PLEASE pray for a beautiful FAMILY that is going through a very difficult time and PLEASE PRAY for a little girl that NEEDS a FOREVER FAMILY!!!!  I promise to share more as soon as I can but SO wanted the PRAYING to start ASAP!!!!

The other YUCKY is that one of my Most Wonderful Friends is going through a very very DARK TIME!  Where her world seems to be falling apart right around her.  She is an AMAZING WOMAN and I Love her with all of my HEART.  And I can NOT do anything to HELP HER and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!  So I wanted to reach out to all of you and ask that you PRAY for my Beautiful Friend!!!!  Depression is an AWFUL SCARY Place!!!  It is a suffering I have watched people endure and I HATE IT!!!!!  You just never ever know what a person is struggling with inside and it is so important that we are always aware that we don't all walk in the same shoes!!!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share all of the good and bad with all of you!!!  It means so much to me that I can get on here - post a blog asking for opinions, support, donations and PRAYERS!!!!  You guys always come through and I am just so BLESSED!!!!!

Thank You!!!


  1. I will absolutely be praying.


  2. Okay lets go down this list:

    Basile family - so woohoo! happy, joyful, excited, can't stand it - want to shout it off the rooftops that this little girl will meet two awesome people soon, praise God!

    Tay's pics: Well you have the approval of a 3 year old for the superman ones. LOL They are fun pics! I love the other poses, she is gorgeous simply gorgeous! Happy you shared them.

    Now for the yucky! Oh pooh yuck phooey, is all I can say, dislike button...... Will be praying for this family.

    Your friend: Oh you know that I so understand depression, and will be praying for your friend.

    Now go play some house basketball, baseball and oh yes we play golf in the house. LOL!!!! Thank goodness for soft balls and poor aim! :)

    Hugs all around { }