Saturday, August 20, 2011

I So Need To BRAG!!!

A lovely little girl came  HOME to live with us 7 months ago from Ukraine!

Her name was Maria

Now her name is Isabelle

She was an orphan confined to a crib for 2 years and 11 months

She could NOT even hold her own bottle 7 months ago

She did not have the muscle to do so

Things are much different NOW!!!!

Not only can she absolutely hold her own sippy cup

But NOW she can multitask like a trained PROFESSIONAL!!!!

I am so CRAZY PROUD of this GIRL!!!!

(Oh and for the Record - I was a complete crazy excited lunatic watching our donations come in yesterday - Thank you so very much!!!!  I wish I could find the words that would express how grateful we are.  "Grateful" & "Thankful", don't even come close to cutting it!!!!)


  1. Oh my Bellie, what a big girl you are. You are so talented, my favorite part is that you can twirl with your music playing too.

    Love it Bellie! Good job!

  2. Too cute!!! I'm in awe of her transformation. Her eye looks great and I love her long hair. :-) Good job Sweet Princess!

  3. What a big girl!!! She looks like she is just having a blast!


  4. I am so over the moon in love with with Bellie! She rocks!!!! I watched this video with my "Bellie" and we were clapping and waving... big fans here!

  5. Bellie is a rockstar! She's doing great!