Friday, August 19, 2011

Update and Big Huge Thank YOU!!!!

It is so crazy and so AWESOME to let you all know that precious little princess Liliana, the 10 lb little girl who is 11 years old - SHE HAS A FAMILY!!!!  And her ADOPTION COSTS ARE ALL PAID FOR!!!!  Can you even believe it???????  The money was raised in less than 24 hours!!!!  And her family - is paper ready!!!!  So that means that sweet little girl wont have to wait too much longer to be in the loving arms of her Mom & Dad!  I have chills that just wont go away!!!!  I can't STOP the tears because this is just so BEAUTIFUL!!!
Thank you GOD!!!!!!

I was on the computer last night
 my very good friend Teri said 
"I noticed your account went up $100".  
So I got right on our blog and sure enough - we have 
in our account!!!!
I can't BELIEVE IT!!!!!  
We almost have a $1,000
That is just so much money - I am so super GRATEFUL!!!!!
Who are you AMAZING PEOPLE????

Well the last few AMAZING PEOPLE that donated:
Kathy Carlson
Rebecca Mars
Michael Kreeger
Annie Trenda
Teri McGilvray
We are So So So So So So Very BLESSED - Thank you!!!!

Here is just a little reminder of what your donations will do
Gavin will be able to wake up from a nap being snuggled by one of the 
This is what your donations will DO!!!
Pretty good deal - don't you think????
I know BELLIE thinks it is the BEST DEAL AROUND!!!!!


  1. Tears of joy today for this post! Not only does another little girl get to finally get the love that Bellie has been enjoying since coming home, but that total is bringing tears to my eyes! I think it just has to go to $1000 before the weekend don't you?

    Next visit I want to meet the two other men in your life in addition to meeting Gavin. Those men of yours are extra special!

  2. I am so thankful that the sweet little girl has a family coming to get her! She has been on my mind since the first post I saw about her!

  3. I'm so happy for sweet Liliana!! She's going to be so loved!
    And I love how your big kids love your littles so much! I'm sure Bellie is enjoying the attention!