Friday, October 1, 2010

Better Day!!!

Our family is feeling so much better today and I want to Thank All Of YOU!!!!  We are just so BLESSED to have so much support!!!  To know that our 2 sweet girls are in so many prayers - well  it brings me to tears - Happy Tears!!!! 

I was so unsure if I should post about sweet Isabelle - I wasn't sure if our followers would understand.  I didn't even know if I understood what was going on.  We had to decide what we were going to do quick because we have to get our paper work to EE ASAP.  If we waited too long (like a day or two) a little girl would have to stay in an orphanage (or crib) for 6 + more months.  So that wasn't an option!!!  Knowing Lyla is in a hospital brings me some peace that she is being watched over by wonderful kind nurses.  It is very helpful to think this way.  So when we found out that we wouldn't be able to bring Lyla home we knew we had to make some decisions.  We knew right away that we wanted to bring a little girl with Down syndrome home.  But how would we ever pick one????  All those beautiful little girls, all of them needing a family to love them and keep them safe.  IT WAS BRUTAL!!!!!  I couldn't do it!!!!  I tried for hours looking at all the precious little girls and I couldn't do it!!!  There was no way!!!  So after little sleep I went back on the computer at 6 AM and tried again.  Nope, it wasn't going to happen!!!  I called for my husband and told him he would have to do this.  He said "I can't" - I said "You HAVE to"!!!  He realized very quickly after seeing the desperation in my eyes that this was something he needed to do.  I showed him all the little girls that were an option for us to bring home.  (We were approved by our social worker and USCIS for a little girl with Down syndrome between 8month - 4 years, to have changed this would of taken too much time)  This was very painful for him too, I hated myself for making him do this but I really knew I couldn't.  He chose a beautiful little girl in one of the poorest orphanages and said "That's HER".  She had her little hand on her chest as she was telling Dave "Please Pick Me" - WELL HE DID!!!  She was listed as Mariya and her birth date was 2/21/2008.  She was the perfect age!!!  I knew she would thrive with Owen and Sara!!!

Now, the name "Isabelle".  I called Dave from work and told him I had requested a button be made for her.  But we would need to decide on a name.  We decided to think about it.  While at work I wrote down these names, Elle, Ella, Bella, Belle, Taya and Ava!  I called Dave a few hours later and asked if he had thought of any names, he said "I thought of one, Isabelle".  I looked at my list and saw that I had Bella and Belle - so this was perfect.  I had two of the names that went with Isabelle - it was meant to be.  Then a little later as I looked at my list I realized that "elle" and "ella" on my list too and these could also be nicknames for Isabelle!!!  WOW - I felt so good about her new name!! Thank you GOD!!!!

My Goodness this is a long post!!!

I have a request:  Would the wonderful lady who left the comment on 9/30/2010, signed "Anonymous" please e/m me?  You mentioned you have followed our blog since day 1 and I would so like the chance to get to know you.  I LOVE so much that you fell in love with sweet Lyla too!!!  My e/m is: - I hope to hear from you!!!!

To All of You - Please know that we feel truly BLESSED and we know GOD's plan will often be a little different then ours but HE has sent his ANGELS (all of you) to protect us!!!!! 


  1. What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it. It will be an honor to pray for your family on this journey :)

  2. OH, I have tears after reading this! God has big plans for your family and for your sweet Belle!


  4. I am very glad that God led you to Mariya, she kept catching my eye everytime I got to RR and pray for the kiddos. I felt heartsick everytime I read her bio and really really prayed for a family for her. We're praying that your adoption journey goes very fast and very smoothly and that Lyla is healed completely and can come home too. Through God, ALL things are possible. Blessings and Peace to your family :)

  5. What a beautiful story. I love how her name came together, but I love to hear that you are having a better day today even more. I am so sorry that you felt that you had to second guess the posting, that some may not understand. My daughter and I (and most of my family/community) are in love with our little waiting one, and I know my husband is too, but so can see him struggling to not get attached to the thought of her. I often fill him in with what is happening with of RR families, and the only ones he remembers are your family and the Nalles. It was wonderful to see he relived and happy he was when I reported that Aaron was in fact going to go home with his family. And I was so touched to see the relief he had when I let him know that you finally had word and Lyla was still alive. He was so angery and sad for your family that they are passing over Lyla for surgery (and that she will not be released for adoption)and that your hearts are breaking for her.

    We too have had small talks here and there of what we would do if we were not able to complete the adoption that we are working towards. Even since we have come up with a "real" back up plan, I can see him relaxing with the adoption, and becoming more open to our little gril. I guess what I mean to say, is that you are not alone in this journey. There are many people out here who you know and who you don't that are smiling, laughing, and crying with you every step of the way. Thank you for sharing your journey with us:)

  6. We also named out daughter (adopted from Ukraine) Isabel. Did you know it means "consecrated to God?" I think it's perfect for your new addition. Blessings!

  7. I got behind in blog reading and didn't realize what all what going on with Lyla. I am so sorry to hear that you won't be adopting her and that she has been sick. I am literally sitting here crying and praying that she gets the surgery she needs. Belle is beautiful and I can't wait to here the rest of your story.

  8. Hello...I just found your blog from Julie's, the one adopting Dasha. I fell in love with Dasha last year and was so thrilled when I heard she had found a family and have followed their journey closely and am eagerly awaiting the Smith's to bring her home. I have a little girl, Ella, who has Ds and her DOB is 3/29/08 so she is very close in age to Dasha. For the entire year that I have closely watched Dasha, I would always see little Mariya's picture staring at me too. Just last week I mentioned to Julie that I desperately wanted her to try to see Mariya while she was there as she has weighed on my heart for so long. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to hear that you will be adopting her. This has truly made my day. I believe that there is something so special about her and I can't wait to see her in your arms. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I look forward to following your journey to get her and hopefully it will be quick since you already have so much done. I am so sorry to hear about Lyla but God definitely has a plan in this and maybe that plan is leading to Mariya (Isabelle).

  9. God Bless You, you have had an emotional week. Layla may be laying in a bed, but God has used her to lead you to your daughter. It's odd the way God's road winds and turns, us not knowing where we are going, the vital part is God knowing we will GO!!
    She's got a marvelous birthday!! My 2 bio kids are 2-22-01, and 2-20-04, our adopted daughter is 2-2-02 all 3 FEB!! and lots of 2's!
    Our Ella's (Dawn) birthday is 6-1-08. I was shocked "What God no 2's?
    Then I was filling out paperwork, my hubby's bithday 1-6-78. Man, like I wasn't already tongue tied enough when giving our birthdays!!
    Forget about it now!!
    Isabelle is adorable, and I love that God lead you to one of the children in a desperate place.

    OK, sorry, I ramble!