Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mission: Get Her Out Of That Crib!!!!!

I am honored to announce that we have committed to bring Isabelle  (known on Reece's Rainbow as Mariya) home.  Isn't she just precious?  

I received an e/m today from a lovely lady who is home just 4 weeks after adopting from the same orphanage little Isabelle lives.  I asked if she met her and her response was:  I'm so sorry to say that I didn't see Mariya much, even though she was in the same room as my Zhen. I think she spends much time in her crib.  I knew as soon as I read that - she was meant to be our daughter.  We are the FAMILY to get her out of that crib!!!  Bless her little heart!!

I had our Pediatrician look over her medical issues that Reece's Rainbow had listed.  Isabelle has a cataract in her left eye, our Pediatrician told us if she was born that way it is likely she will not have any vision with that eye.  Isabelle also has a heart condition and will most likely need heart surgery. 

I do want to THANK each and everyone of you who have left such wonderful comments about Lyla.  All of your Amazing Kind words!!!  How did we ever get so blessed with so much support?????  Wow!!!!

I have decided to keep our blog address the same and just add on to our blog title.  We will always be LUCKY TO LOVE LYLA!!!!  We are not giving up on her!!!  Our plan will be to bring her home in the Spring if she survives.  I don't know that I will be allowed to keep her picture up - But I will keep it on the side bar as long as I can. 

We did not get the chance to SAVE her yet but she most definitely  SAVED us!!!!!


  1. Woot woot! As for the cataracts, it just depends upon how big it/they are. My Angela (14 with DS) was born with cataracts in both eyes, and they still do not affect her vision at all. And then there is my friend's son who has lost most of his vision in both eyes. So there are a lot of variables involved. Cataracts are VERY common to DS (as you may already know) and they rules applied to the rest of the world just don't always work for our kids. LOL

  2. I'm so happy that you're going to rescue Belle, she is a beautiful little girl and I can't wait to see her home with you. Still praying for you every step of the way.

  3. I'm beyond thrilled that you're keeping this blog and incorporating the the little angel that you will be getting very soon.

    I'm going to continue to pray for Lyla to be well enough to have the surgery she so desperately needs and deserves.

    Both girls would be a wonderful addition to your family if that is what God has in the plans. As always in his hands and his heart there is a plan for us all.

    Hugs and prayers to you all.

  4. I'm so thrilled for you, Summer! You are handling this all with such grace and dignity (and I'm sure a lot of tears on your end). I could only pray I would handle it as well. Praying all goes well as you adjust your paperwork (again). Hope we get to meet you over there!

  5. Your graciousness in all of this is an incredible witness. Rejoicing for precious Belle and praying for Lyla.

  6. What a happy day! Belle is blessed for having you, and whether Lyla comes home with you or goes home with Jesus, her future is bright! That's what love does! God bless you all.....

  7. Oh Summer, Shes beautiful and just as others have said........we are so happy for you guys although this is such a tough situation. I will be sending prayers for both of your lil sweet girlies!!!

  8. I am so happy that their is light at the end of this adoption journey for you:) Belle is beautiful, can't wait to see you holding her in your arms!!!