Saturday, October 30, 2010



I received this beautiful sign in the mail last week from my wonderful friend Christina. Who is also Lyla’s Prayer Warrior. I had shared something with her a couple a weeks ago about being “saved” and now I would like to share it with all of you! It is so powerful and I am so nervous that I won’t be able to write in words the true emotion but here I go:
I grew up Catholic and probably went to church until I was 12. Prior to committing to Lyla I had probably been to church 8 – 10 times in 24 years. (Awful I know). I had never prayed – well only when I wanted something or thought I needed something. When I was pregnant 3 years ago – The Doctor didn’t think the baby was going to survive. I prayed by making false promises to HIM – for example: “If you let this baby survive, I promise to do this or that” It’s important I tell you that I never Thanked GOD for all my wonderful blessings – Never! It never even crossed my mind. I thought my life prior to losing that baby was so wonderful because that’s the way we made it. Anyways, the baby in my belly did not survive. I was furious – furious at the GOD that I never thanked for all the good HE had done for me but furious for the ONE time I thought he let me and my family down. I might of even used the “hate” word. It was His fault! Again, HE had nothing to do with all the wonderful things in my life but he now had ruined my life – or so I thought. Then in December of 2007 Owen was placed with us in foster care. Then July of 2008 Sara was placed with us in foster care. We were so in love with these 2 little ones – I just can’t tell you! There were many times we thought we were going to lose them. That’s what happens when you do foster care – and it was very very scary. I still hadn’t even thought of Thanking GOD for these two beautiful children even if it might have just been temporary. But I sure shouted out to Heaven demands that they better not be taken away from us. Yep, I was not NICE!!! We adopted Owen in March of 2010. I found Lyla in May of 2010. I was obsessed – with finding a way to bring her home. She was on my mind and in my heart constantly – it was even hard to breath sometimes I was just so caught up in her. I never considered for a second that this might be a call from up above – Nope never crossed my mind. We committed to Lyla in June of 2010 – I had sent an e/m to Zoya’s mom thanking her for blogging her journey – Sarah’s blog was so special and gave me the courage to know we could do it too! So when she replied with:

So I'm jumping up and down with joy right now! I am amazed at how God used ME for this little girl. You see, Liliannah has a story with me! One woman that follows my blog lives in Switzerland and we have emailed back and forth a lot. Through emailing she let me know that her daughter, who is now an adult, was born with a missing was a great story of how she overcame this obstacle...but the important piece of info is that she was born without a hand. The day she told me this I was looking on Reece's Rainbow website and came across Liliannah, and noticed her profile stated that she was born with a missing hand. I immediately thought of this friend in Switzerland and emailed her asking her if she'd be Lilliannahs prayer warrior through RR. She was so excited and signed up to pray for this angel. They sent her a picture and she has prayed for her to find a family every day for the last month. I will have to look to see what date exactly I emailed her about Liliannah. I am wondering when you started looking at her and if God led you to her as a result of her prayer warrior's prayers! How awesome and amazing!!!!!

Well then it hit me, WHOA – this is something way bigger then me!!!
Then I got my first e/m from Christina, Lyla’s prayer warrior that Sarah had referenced:

Dear Summer and family

Finally I come to you...I wrote you tons of emails in my mind.... :-) ,
since Sarah Basile sent me your blog- and emailadress.....but still:
Where do I start? What can I say?
I am that Christina, Sarah Basile told you about, a stranger from across
the big water, the prayerwarrior of YOUR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER LILIANNA!
As I write: DAUGHTER !!, tears of JOY are coming again, a overwhelming
feeling of a THANKFULNESS to our GOD, I did not have often in my life,
is overflowing me again and again.....But still: I have almost NO words,
I still can hardly believe, what is going on here, what happened in the
last few days, weeks, months.... how we all came together: Sarah, Zoya,
Lilianna, you, me......!!! Is this true???Lilianna has a FAMILY!!! And
this family is YOU!!! Just amazing!!
So I reach out to you, to let you know, that Lilianna has her special
place in our hearts since the day Sarah told us about her: May 4th!!
And since June 6th, you, your family, has that same place there!! Me and
my family just want to let you know, that we KEEP PRAYING for you, that
we would LOVE to come with you on that journey, and help you, to bring
your little sweetheart home!

 She had also sent pictures of Lyla and how she had a beautiful little shrine set up for her.

Well Friends, Then I knew – OH MY – HE IS RIGHT HERE WITH ME!!!!! Signs left and right, up and down, under and inside – just everywhere. I can’t even explain how I felt. Then it also hit me how incredible selfish I have been over the years. I had been so lost!!! HE had been with me all the way – every step even though I an been an ungrateful little brat. That little baby in my belly did not survive so that we would become foster parents. We would of never ever found the two that were meant for us if the little precious one survived. It was all making so much sense………I was overwhelmed. I was on my knees, crying like a lunatic begging for forgiveness. Thanking Him for all my Blessings. Each day after that night I started to be conscience of everything I did or said – Would it make GOD proud? I started going back to church, reading devotionals. Reading the Bible – even though it is very difficult for me to understand. LOVING different – Loving with all the LOVE I now felt from HIM. It has been so AMAZING.

The bottom line is, I feel like Lyla saved me!! I have not been able to give her the same gift she gave me and it does hurt. But she SAVED me and I am forever grateful. This is the part where I can’t hold back the tears so I will end this now.

Just want you ALL to know that you are all such a huge part of my testimony – constant reminders of God’s work – I am truly BLESSED!!!!!


Thank you Lyla for SAVING Me!!!!!!!!!

Thank You Christina - For EVERYTHING!!!!


  1. That is a beautiful testimony!! THANK YOU! Saved by Grace... Loved by a God who has loved you LONG BEFORE you knew!! Amazing Grace.

    I am crying tons of tears of pure JOY and GRATEFULNESS with you!!

    A little CHILD shall lead them....

    I am touched again, how GOD uses different languages, so that EVERYONE can understand and embrace THE LOVE HE offers us, thru HIS SON JESUS! With you, HE used a little CHILD, LYLA!

    I still do not know, why I shared something about Johanna....How our MIGHTY GOD weaved all of this together, what YOU experienced, that LYLA has now a mama and a dady and sisters and brothers, who LOVE HER DEARLY, is an incredible ENCOURAGEMENT for us and especially for Johanna. It speaks into her life, as it is not always easy in a world, who calls for perfection. What amazes me is the fact, that GOD knew already twenty years ago, when we held our Johanna-baby in our arms for the very first time, that one day HE will use her, just the way HE created her, that sweet LYLA may find a forever family.
    I remember, when Christoph and me read the following words in scripture, shortly after Johanna was born, because we indeed got asked: what did you do? what kind of sin did you do?....
    In John 9, 1-3 we can read:
    As Jesus went along, he saw a man who was blind. He had been blind since he was born. Jesus disciples asked him: "Rabbi, who sinned? Was this man blind because he sinned? Or did his parents sinned?"
    "it is not because this man sinned" said Jesus,"it is not because his parents sinned. This happened so that GOD s work could be shown in his life:"

    It all came TRUE!! GOD used and uses Johanna in so many ways. We are so blessed to call her our DAUGHTER and GOD teached us so many things thru her, HE opened our eyes and HEARTS for the REAL things in life.
    And GOD will use LYLA, ISABELLE, all other orphans in a PERFECT way, to show HIS WORK to a tattered world, for HIS GLORY!!

    SAVED!!!What a word, what a meaning!!
    Love, Christina

  3. What a beautiful and amazing story!! You definitely got the tears flowing for me. I truly believe that there are no coincidences and that every little step in our lives serves a purpose although we very rarely notice. Now every time I look at Lyla's face, I will think of how she saved you and love her just a little bit more. I am so glad you shared this. Speaking of Lyla....did you ever hear anything back from that Doctor? And as for Belle, I just know you will be submitted this week and will continue sending some prayers up for you just in case :)

  4. What a blessed post to read on my first visit here!!! Truly beautiful!!

  5. Summer,
    What an amazing testimony! Thank you so much for sharing. I love that you are all right in the center of God's heart and hand, where He can hold you close and guide you every single step of your journey!

  6. That is a beautiful testimony and a very cool sign at the end :)
    praying for Lyla and Belle to be home soon.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing testimony of how God continues to work miracles. I pray someday that you will be able to share this with Lyla and how she saved you. So sorry to hear about the baby you lost. It reminds me of the song that means to much to me - "Blessed be the Name of the Lord...He gives and takes away". Amen! What an awesome God we serve!