Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fingers crossed - check, Toes crossed - check

Yep, if I think it will help us get submitted this week - I will do it! 

We continue to storm Heaven for Lyla - I wish we had an update to share with all of you but unfortunately we don't.

And Beautiful Belle - well, we are friends with a family who is there NOW.  Same orphanage - isn't that great??  We so hope to get a little update or even better - maybe a picture!!!!!!  Maybe they will even get to whisper in her ear and tell her that her Mommy and Daddy are coming!!  Maybe they will be allowed tell her that her family loves her so very much and can NOT wait for her to come HOME!!!!!!

Please Father - wrap your LOVING arms around Lyla and Isabelle.  Please KEEP them safe!!!!!!

I love you girls!


  1. Haven't stopped thinking about you being submitted this week. And the prayers will keep going up too. I just put a little package in the mail for Belle today :) I am hoping that by the time you receive it, you will have been submitted!!

  2. Got my fingers and toes crossed over here... Most importantly - praying!!