Friday, October 29, 2010

Even though I knew...........

Even though I knew we were not going to be submitted yesterday - it is still so SAD!!!  I have followed blogs that are submitted the same week their dossier arrived in EE.  I am starting to think maybe we wont be bringing Belle home this year.   Our dossier has been in EE for almost 3 weeks and I had faxed the whole entire thing 6 weeks ago - so I am not sure what the problem is but I am thinking it must not be good!  I feel so helpless - I have 2 little girls that I love with all my heart and I can't do a thing to help either of them!!!!  Each day that goes by is another day that they lay lonely in a crib with out the love of a Mommy and a Daddy.  WE want so desperately for them to be HOME with us - so we can treat them like the princesses they are meant to be.  Please GOD see that our dossier is submitted this Thursday!!!

Another thing that is keeping me down in the dumps are these beautiful little children with epidermolysis bullosa.  I just don't understand - it is so unfair that these children suffer so!!!  This one precious little boy that I have been storming HEAVEN for is Tripp.  Please visit Tripp's blog:  OH MY - I just cry, cry and cry!!!!  I just don't get it - WHY???????????  How much can this family take, really????  Tripp suffers every day of his life with unbearable pain!!!  He needs morphine to take his bath!!!  PLEASE GOD HELP THIS ANGEL!!!!  Please HELP all the children suffering with this NASTY disease!!!! 

The only way I felt I could help is to donate to Carson's fund to find a forever family - so I did donate.  This little guy has to suffer with this EB and live in an orphanage!!!!! This is absolutely unthinkable!!!!   Please if you are financially able to help go to Carson's blog and give what you can: !!!! Thank YOU!!!!!!  Please God Find a Forever Family For Carson!!!!!!!


  1. I thought about you all day yesterday.



  2. Hang in the Summer. God knows what He's doing. I know how discouraging it is to see others going and there's nothing you can do to get there yourself. Praying for your requests!!

  3. Hi Summer,

    I was thinking about you all day yesterday, hoping that your dossier had been submitted despite what you had been told. I will continue to pray for next Thursday to be THE DAY.

    All of your other prayer requests will certainly be included too. It breaks my heart to see what these children and their families are going through.

    Will be praying for you,

  4. I know how you feel Summer as I complained the entire time too. Its just so hard waiting but hand in there. Soon you will be ready to leave just as we are!

    Thank You so much for raising awareness about EB on your blog as well. Its just so hard for those with EB and their families.