Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guess who is People Magazines Hero of the YEAR?????

So beyond excited to report that Andrea Roberts (Reece's Rainbow) is one of People Magazines Hero of the year for 2010.  The magazine prints that Andrea "had 30 percent of more than 66,000 votes online to become our first Readers' Choice Hero"!!!!!!!

Honestly any one that knows her and what she does - knows that she absolutely hands down deserves this award!!!! 

And now one of the biggest magazines in our country KNOWS IT TOO!!!!!!!

Please know that I found Reece's Rainbow from People magazine.  In February they did an article on Andrea and the Amazing work she does to find forever families for orphans with Down syndrome.  I read the article and got right on the computer to check out the site.  Well, this is how I found my 2 daughters, Lyla and Isabelle!!!! 

I am so excited to think of all the people that will find Reece's Rainbow now and will want to help too!!!

Thank GOD for this wonderful Woman!!!!   Andrea, I am so thankful for everything you do and thank you for advocating for all the beautiful orphans including my 2 precious daughters.  GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!


  1. what edition is it? Its not the Nov. 1st one that is in stores.....???

  2. It's the November 8th edition - I got it in the mail today. I'm not sure if it is in the stores yet!!!