Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yes, because of her

My life is the way it is right now today Thanks to one little PRINCESS!!!

 This amazing little one is the reason I am beyond blessed with my life today!!!

It was those beautiful big eyes that stopped me dead in my tracks on May 17, 2010.  I new immediately when I saw this little girl on the Reece's Rainbow Website that I wanted to be her Mom!!  It was LOVE at first sight.  We committed to her on June 8, 2010.  I dreamed of the day we would bring her home!!  I had it all planned out - it would be perfect!!  The "Perfect" part was right!!  The part that she would be home with us was not.  Lyla became very ill, she was hospitalized and was unable to be adopted.   Our dreams came to an end on September 29, 2010!!

A new dream began when we decided we would still adopt a little girl with Down syndrome.  After looking endlessly at all the little girls that needed a family, I was unable to choose.  There was just no way.  So I told Dave he would have to do it.  He stepped up to the plate and chose this little girl.

Really???  I of course had seen this little girl a million times on the The Reece's Rainbow site and never thought that she could be my daughter.  Dave was sure, he said "that's HER"!  We committed to adopting the girl in the red polo suit!!

Dave couldn't of been more right!!  This girl was indeed meant in every absolute way to be our daughter.  I knew when the caregiver handed her to me that I was the Mother of this precious gem.

We adopted Isabelle Maria Spitz on December 30, 2010.  I Thanked Jesus and Lyla constantly for this amazing gift!!!

We had said that if Lyla survived we would so go back to Ukraine to adopt her.  We had asked several times about her condition and it was assumed that she would not survive.  It was horrific to know that she would leave this earth not ever knowing LOVE.  So many people were praying for her - so many people LOVED her.  It was not easy.

We decided that we would go ahead and adopt another child and finally say goodbye to sweet Lyla.  I was sure we would adopt a little girl.  I was wrong!!  Dave chose a very handsome little boy!!

Really??  I had seen this boy a million times too and never thought he would be my son.  But since Dave did so amazingly well with choosing Belle I wasn't about to question him.  After we committed to adopting this cute guy I told Dave that he was in the same orphanage that Lyla was in.  I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head.  What are the chances really???

A few weeks after committing to Gavin, Andrea from Reece's Rainbow called me on the phone.  She wanted to let me know that Lyla had survived and was now cleared to be adopted.  WHAT????????????  I couldn't even believe it.  How could this be???  This was something I prayed about endlessly - this was something so many people prayed for!!  Now it was true!!!  This tough little girl survived.  Indeed this was a MIRACLE!!! But now what???  I knew we couldn't adopt two children - I just knew it!  So do we just forget about Gavin???  It was AWFUL!!!!  Oh my - I can't even explain it!!  I prayed!!!  Then it came to me - REBECCA!!!!!  Rebecca was this beautiful mom of 3 boys in Colorado that had loved Lyla since she was first listed.  I e/m'd her immediately.  She was over the moon GRATEFUL that Lyla had survived.  Rebecca and her husband wanted to adopt Lyla badly but the time just wasn't right.  We continued our journey to Gavin Praying that a family for Lyla would be found soon.

We met this beautiful hunk of love on December 9, 2011.  Lyla did it again, she led us to another child!!

Knowing I was in the same building as Lyla was tearing up my heart.  I couldn't ask to see her - I just couldn't.  I couldn't face the girl that had done so much for me and I hadn't done a thing for her.  So I never asked to see her.

We were Blessed to adopt Gavin on December 22, 2011.  Again, I was thanking God and Lyla!!  We headed home for the 10 day wait.

While home I received an e/m from Rebecca - the best e/m EVER!!!!  They were ready to commit to their daughter, LILY (Lyla)!!!!!!  Finally, it was all coming together.  I was so so so so GRATEFUL that HIS plan was being revealed.

So when I returned to Ukraine to bring our son home forever I felt I could face Lily since she now had a Mommy & Daddy coming to bring her home forever.  I sure wasn't expecting the almost melt down I would have when meeting the most precious little ANGEL I had ever seen!!!

 I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I wasn't even able to see the true gift I was given.  Thanks to the comments left on my blog (Julia & Sarah)  I started to open my eyes.  Meeting her was such a gift from GOD!!!  Oh MY!!!!  I held and loved the girl that DROVE us to the most Amazing Life I am living RIGHT NOW!!!!  It is because of her that I am the Mom of these two crazy AMAZING kids!!

In addition I have the most Amazing Best friend that Lily led me to, Christina!

I am the MOST GRATEFUL because Lily SAVED ME!!!  This post explains how :  SAVED

It's just that simple!!  I was not meant to be Lily's mother, REBECCA IS and was always meant to be!!  Lily was sent to do miraculous things!!  God Sent A Child!!!  HE SENT LILY!!!!

Dear Lily,

I Love You and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for all you have done for me!!  As you know, I left a rather large piece of my heart with you on January 19th!!  This is for you to know how absolutely adored and loved you are until your Mommy & Daddy arrive to bring you home forever!!!  Now, you need to stay safe & healthy sweet girl!!! Keep up that amazing smile that can light up the darkest of hearts!!!  You are so very SPECIAL!!!

Love you Always and Forever,



  1. @Jane This post made me cry as well! It's amazing what one little girl can do. Lily (Lyla) is a beautiful little angel! :)

  2. Simply the most beautiful post! Praying for Lily to stay healthy waiting on the Mars family.

  3. This post made me cry....
    God bless you Summer!!!!

  4. Of course I am sitting here with a FEVER and am NOW CRYING!! Not good Summer!!! I'm supposed to be resting not weeping my guts out!

  5. God's plan doesn't always make sense when we ar ein the midst of it, but it's so beautiful to look back and see how He was with you every step of the way and was creating this beautiful story for everyone involved. What a blessing to see God in this!


    So glad you are a part of our lives!!!!

  7. Summer you have one of the biggest hearts that I know! You are such a special lady! I love you! (and of course I can barely write because I'm bawling)

  8. Oh Summer, that is beautiful, I having been praying for Lyla since I saw her face and read.her story. I didn't think it was fair she survided to go back to the orphanage when she had a family, which I did not realize was you,.God had to have bigger plans for her too. I wish I could have known lyla but Belle makes my heart smile, you saved her too, and I'm glad I get to know Belle and be part of her life. I'm so excited lyla has a family, I cant wait to read her story and I especially cant wait to meet Gavin!! Have a safe trip and I'll. Keep praying!

  9. This story is soo amazing! ♥♥♥ Thanks for making everyone cry like babies!