Sunday, January 22, 2012

So Amazing!!!

Our good friend Kostya came to visit us on Friday!!  Oh how I love this boy!!  He brought the boys bowling and they went out for pizza.  They had such a wonderful time!!

Conor had just woken up for a nap and Gavin was so ready for bed.

Saturday night we went out with our beautiful friend Anya.

 We did some shopping and went out for dinner.  I so LOVE the food here.  I had chicken and mushroom pancakes which was so so YUMMY!!!  I also had a very delicious salad.  Then for desert, a chocolate filled pancake with vanilla ice cream.  I know some people shed some pounds while here in Ukraine - this is so not the case for me.

Gavin is so well behaved.  Honestly, his transition to living a completely different life couldn't be going any better.  We take him everywhere and he just adapts beautifully.  We went to a shop and a lady from behind a counter reached her arms out to hold him.  Can you believe this???  This lady did not hesitate for a second - she wanted to hold my handsome love bug.  Obviously I don't blame her a bit. This Kid is just spectacular.  You know what else this crazy monkey is doing???  Imitating English words like a CHAMP.  He can say "Hi", "Bye, Bye", "Mama" and "up".   He is also walking, walking, walking!  The only problem when he walks is that he seems to misjudge how close the couch or a chair is and he starts to let him self reach too soon.  Sometimes he falls.  Well, yesterday he fell so close to the couch that he hit his little chin.  He only cried for about 30 seconds and this is the first time I have ever even heard him cry.  He let me hold and snug him and he calmed right down.

Gavin is showing you his Ouchie!!  Poor buddy!!!

Sometimes he gets a little bored in the apartment and we find him doing this.

 As long as he is having fun, right?
 Love it!!!
 Brushing Nick's hair is fun too!!
 Begging for a cookie!!!
 So happy the begging worked!!!
Okay, now for this super amazing story!!  Are you ready??  Anya came to get us this morning at 8:30 am.  We were going to try and find a stroller.  They do not sell umbrella strollers here in the winter as it is considered a summer item but we were going to try.  So we went to a store that has lots of strollers - beautiful, beautiful strollers.  I found one similar to an umbrella stroller but much nicer.  It was 500 grivna so about $60 - $70.  I really didn't want to spend that much.  Since I was so dumb not to bring one from home - ugh!!  So Anya asked if they have anything a little less expensive.  The lady went to the back and came out with two strollers.  The one you see above and a more simple green one.  I was sure the blue one was more money so I asked about the green one.  It was 300 grivna.  I said perfect.  She said the blue one would be a little cheaper because it was a display but she would have to ask the owner.  I was very interested.  So Anya explained that this is for an adoption and if we could get the blue one for less money this would be great.  The lady came out and GUESS WHAT???

 She said "This is a Gift for you, no charge"!!!

I of course CRIED!!!  Really?????  How nice was that???  I still can't believe it!  This stroller is so nice and even if it wasn't - this is just so generous.  So I left with the gift!!  We went to the store right next door and I bought a beautiful box of chocolates and brought it back to these super sweet ladies.  They didn't want to take the chocolate.  I said "Please" and "Thank You so very much" with tears of course and both ladies got a little teary eyed too. They took the chocolates!!  So Awesome!!!

Then, listen to this.  Anya's brother met us out this morning.  He was going to take the boys on the cable car and then to McDonalds and I would go back to the apartment to feed Gavin.  Anya would go back to the apartment with me to help with the groceries and my super sweet stroller.  I gave the boys some money and the "be good" lecture and I got in the cab.  I knew immediately that this driver was different then the others we have had.  He was talkative and smiled lots.  We got to the apartment and I realized that Conor had the key.  I was still so excited about the stroller I had forgotten the KEY.  So Anya calls her brother, the boys are still waiting for the trolley car.  Our driver is so sweet, he just laughs and waits for Anya to finish on the phone and brings us back to the bus stop to find the boys.  Anya opens the window to get the key and we drive away but the window wont close.  It is snowing.  The driver pulls over and reaches over and he too tries to shut it but can't.  We are all laughing.  Even Gavin!!  So he closes it enough so that no snow can't get in and we head back to the apartment.   He parks right in front of our door, jumps out and helps me out of the car.  He says he will only charge 10 grivna.  Now this would of cost at least 30 grivna.  SO SUPER NICE!!  I have to be honest - he is very good looking too.  So I say "this is the nicest driver ever".  Anya translates and he gives us his "number" so we can request him.  He smiles the best smile and says goodbye.   He drives away and I tell Anya - "he is the man for you".  So my new mission is to set these two up.  So Fun!!!

So many super super nice and very generous people today!!!  GOD IS GOOD!!!!!


  1. Oh Summer only you could find these fun experiences.

    Hmmm handsome guy huh? LOL

    FREE! I love that stroller! Awesome!

    So glad the guys are getting out and about.

  2. That is so great and now your a match maker!!!! HEHE

  3. The stroller story brought tears to my eyes!! What a nice couple of ladies!!! When do you get to come home? I can't wait to see the pics of your whole family together!!

  4. LOL I'm not sure this is good for all the advocates having so many matchmaking adoptive mamas! One of them already has a prearranged marriage set for me! ;)

    Soo awesome about the stroller! That' was soo sweet of them!!! ♥

  5. What a blessing, Summer! My hope is that when people in EE see how we all treasure these children, that hearts and minds will be changed toward them. It seems like Gavin is already being a great little ambassador. Praying for all of you!