Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poor Poor Taxi Driver

This Beautiful Little Boy:

 Who Likes To Dress Himself
 Put On His Brother's Hat

and Flirt Endlessly with Anya

Decided a nice fancy restaurant was the PERFECT place to have the stinkiest Blow Out Diaper EVER!!!  Oh Yes, he did!!!  So I took him to the bathroom and realized I was in some serious trouble.  Blow out like no other - it went through his onesie, his tights and his jeans!!  So I stop and try and think what to do.  I quickly realize the only option is to call a cab and bring him to the apartment for a power wash.  Anya and her brother Egor were with us and they were so understanding and helpful.  Anya asks for the check and I stayed in the hallway with Gav.  I sure didn't want to bring him back in the dining room - YUCK!!  The boys decide they will stay and go bowling with Egor and Anya will return to the apartment with me.  We get in the cab and guess what????  I FORGOT THE KEY AGAIN.  Oh My - so I am in this 130 degree taxi with the stinkiest of stinky boys and poor Anya runs back in to get the key from Conor.  Oh this poor poor taxi driver.  He was coughing, he was wiping his nose and I am pretty sure he was on the verge of getting out of the car to let me drive home myself.  I was so embarrassed!!!  This poor man was dying from the stench and I felt so bad.  Anya returns with the key and the driver takes off like he is in the super Mario race car game.  It is snowing and slick and we are fish tailing at every turn.  I honestly didn't blame him as I too wanted to get to the apartment as quick as possible. He was still coughing with an added gag here and there.  Then he drove down a one way street just to get us out of the car that much quicker.  Did I mention that this taxi was a Mercedes Benz??  Oh yes, we drive in STINK but in style!!!

I run in to the apartment and shower off my stink monster.  Rinse out his clothes.  Dress him.  Sit for a moment because I am sweating to death.  I then get his coat on because I have to go back out - I didn't have dessert.  Anya was so awesome about all this.  The poor girl opened the window while I was showering Gavin - she had to do it - really, it was that BAD!!!!!

We met the boys at this great coffee house.  I ordered German Chocolate Cake with a mocha chino and banana pancakes for Gavin.  Conor & Nick ordered specialty tea and Egor ordered the same chocolate cake I did.  OH MY EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD!!!

Gavin was starting to get pretty tired and so was I since it was 10:00 PM.

We called a cab and GUESS WHO THE DRIVER WAS????  Yes, poor same guy.  Oh his face was priceless when he saw who he was picking up.  When I got in the car I was greeted with an overwhelming lemon freshness.  He obviously had to deodorize the car after the EPISODE earlier.  Poor Poor Taxi Driver!!!

We hope to be able to get Gavin's passport today.  If we do then we will head to Kiev tonight and we should be able to fly home on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!!!  So Praying that we don't have a Gavin Diaper Bomb on the plane - that sure would be something!!!


  1. Oh my!!!! I'm surprised the driver didn't have his head hanging out the window, I think the funniest part was the lemon fresh smell on the second trip!

    Praying for good news today!

  2. LOL!!!!!
    Oh Summer I am so sorry!!!! I cannot help but laugh. That poor taxi driver!!!!

  3. Oh this is priceless post! I haven't smiled or chuckled so much! Praying God's timing for the end of your journey!!

  4. Had to laugh! Can't wait for you all to be HOME!


  5. Oh you had me laughing to tears!!! Poor, poor taxi driver indeed! (Poor, Poor, Mama too!) Gavin will have a hard time living that one down! Unforgettable for you I am sure.

  6. Thanks for the great laugh :)

  7. Just started following your blog but you had me laughing! FYI my daughter from Russia had those blow outs and had Giardia when tested at home.
    pat St. louis

  8. We had this same situation happen with us and Blake. He pooped through his tights and jeans and diaper 4-5 times after we busted him out of the orphanage...HORRIBLE SMELL. I know exactly the smell. We actually had to go buy more clothes on the way home because he pooped through every outfit we had...! Then I left the bag of poopy clothes in Niko's car overnight...HAHAH. I felt horrible! He recommended we just throw the bag away! Ohhh, I was laughing at your story, but can sympathize so much.