Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yucky Yucky Yesterday

Yesterday was our NOT FUN DAY!!

 Our driver picked me up at 10:00 am to get Gav's passport and then head to Poltava to have his passport stamped.  Poltava is about an hour and half drive.  The plan was to leave the three boys behind so Gavin didn't have to be in the car too long because we would head to Kiev later in the day and that is a 4 hour drive.  

Gavin has generously shared with me the nasty bug that caused him to have that awful stinky blow out diaper the other day.  So I was pretty nervous getting in the car since I had been visiting the bathroom very frequently the 24 hours before.  Everything went fine - no issues at all - THANK GOD!!!

 I get back to the apartment and we start packing the car to head to Kiev.   Four hours of the Five hour drive (Thanks to traffic) in to our trip, Gav let it all out AGAIN in his diaper.  Oh Friends - I can NOT even come close to describe the SMELL!!   Our poor DRIVER!!!  He doesn't speak any English but he so understood how sorry I was for the smell.  He was so sweet and shrugged his shoulders as to let me know
 "Poop Happens"

 Now, I haven't had anything to eat in over 24 hours and I am getting pretty grumpy.  We get to our new apartment and we head up five flights of stairs.  I am almost DEAD at this point.   I made it and felt like I accomplished climbing some huge mountain while carrying my stinky little monster.

The boys head back down the stairs to get all our bags.  I am trying to get the key out of the door because it is stuck and all of a sudden I hear Nick, five flights down screaming.  So, Stink boy is in the apartment, key stuck in the door and my 13 year old screaming for his life.  I could only imagine he saw something absolutely horrific or he fell down the elevator shaft.

 I panic!!  I grab Gav to RUN down the stairs.

 The elevator door opens and I hear Conor laughing - OH THANK GOD!!!  Then I see poor Nick and his eyes are so wide that I was pretty sure they will be stuck like that forever!!  I asked what happened.  Well, this was Nick's first time in an ity bitty elevator and they were having a hard time fitting in it with the bags and the door shut on him so he SCREAMED!!!!   See the doors don't just stop and reopen if something gets in the way they just keep trying to close.  My poor Nick was terrified!!!   Obviously his big brother Conor thought seeing his brother scared for his life was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

This of course is all so super funny now but I promise you I was not thinking anything was funny yesterday.  So I was so mad at Nick for screaming like he was being killed and I was furious at Conor for laughing.  Oh boy - I was Hot Mama of Grump City for sure!!!

Finally I start to clean up poor Gavin who has now been in a brutal diaper for far too long.  I put the new diaper under him and he starts to go some more and more and more and more.  He points to his little bum as if to say "what the heck is going on down there Mom!!"  THREE DIAPERS WORTH!!!!  Forget the stairs being a huge accomplishment, standing while this is going on is where I earned some heroic kind of Medal - I am sure of it!!!!

Then we all got cleaned up and headed to TGIF's for dinner.  Gavin was so AWESOME!!!   It was past his bedtime, he had lost most of his bodily fluids and he was the best behaved little toddler ever.  He is so AMAZING!!!

I needed food for sure because I felt so much better and stepped down in my grump status.  The boys were very relieved I am sure.  They have made fun of me all day for how grumpy I was - I guess I had it coming.

We all slept great and we woke up to a donation - THANK YOU TERI!!!!!!

Guess what???  We head home Saturday!!!!!  Oh I am so so so so HAPPY!!!  I can NOT wait for us all to be together!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!   Also, I think Gav and I are in need of some heavy duty medication.

That beautiful boy is soon to be HOME FOREVER!!!!!!


  1. Oh those boys of yours. Comic relief was definitely in need for you, glad you can smile about it today.

    So sorry to hear that both you and Gavin are not feeling so great!

    I am so glad so super glad to hear that you will be on your way home this weekend. What a relief! :)

    and of course, you're welcome!

    We love you all can't wait for the whole family to be reunited. The guys will definitely have some great stories to tell all their friends about their trip. Do they get any extra credit if they write up a report for school????

  2. Pahahaha! Oh dear, poor poor Spitz family. If it gives Nick any comfort, I almost screamed for my life my first time in one of those elevators, and I had my brand new baby sister in there with me :D So glad y'all are on your way home- safe travels! Will be praying!

  3. Oh my stars! What a day!
    Was your driver Michoslav by any chance? He was really awesome with us when we had a non English speaking driver. He is short, clean cut, and kind of quiet.
    Hope you all feel better soon!!