Friday, January 27, 2012


Gavin had his medical exam yesterday.  The Doctor was so nice, he explained to Gavin everything he was going to do so sweetly.  He showed me Gavin's private parts and said "you will have to get this looked at in America".  I knew that he was referring to an undescended testicle.  After the exam the Doctor explained everything he found to our translator.  Then our translator said to me very seriously that

 "he has a problem with his eggs"

(This was for you Sarah Basile)

He was so so serious and I just couldn't laugh - I had to keep it in.  So I nodded my head that I understood.

So many good times here in Ukraine - Really, if you can't see humor in this process some days it can eat you alive - or that's how I look at it at least!!!

Back to the Medical!!  The Doctor was concerned about Gav's cough.  I was sure he was going to order a chest xray.  I was so nervous that this could delay his visa process and we wouldn't be able to go home Saturday.  I told the Doctor that I am sure his cough is just reflux.  That he only sounds "junky" after he eats and then he is able to clear it out.  

Praise GOD - The Doctor didn't order the xray!!!!  

So that's that!  We will pick up Gavin's visa today at the Embassy and then we are DONE!!!  We will get on a plane tomorrow at 6:30 am and head home FOREVER!!!!!  Oh boy does that sound so good!!!!

Gavin is so ready to go Home 
Meet the Rest of his Forever FAMILY!!!!!!


  1. Love those footite PJ's!


  2. Oh so thankful no medical delays! Come on home! Have safe flights and may everything go smoothly.

  3. Andrey has problem with his eggs, too....hahahahahaha!

  4. Glad to hear that everything has gone well! Praying for a safe return home!

  5. Oh the adorablness of this little boy! I hope you have a safe trip home. Thanks for making me laugh....again :-)

  6. Had to laugh about the...egg-comment! LOL

    Sending blessings your way--
    Have a safe trip HOME!

    God bless

  7. LOL Yep, something definitely lost in translation!

    SOOOOO glad you are on your way home ASAP!!! Assuming you have his visa already. That is the BEST feeling in the world! Praying for a safe and very uneventful home for ALL of you! :-)