Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thank GOD - Insurance Approved!!!!

Absolutely Amazing Day!!! 

1) We found out about the grant!!!  
2) We had a wonderful visit with Sarah, Zoya, Mila and Sofia Basile 

3)  The insurance APPROVED Lyla going to BOSTON!!!!!!!

Yes, I received the call on the ride home from visiting with the Basile's.  When I got off the phone, I was crying of course and I yelled to Bean in the backseat

 "You Won Lyla"

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  I can't tell you how PROUD I am to be the Mom of that Incredible Girl!!!

So that's that!!!  Our sweet Princess Warrior, Ms. Lyla Spitz is going to BOSTON!!!!!!

I am so grateful to you for praying for this!!!  Just Forever Grateful to each of you!!!!  Please continue to Pray for Lyla's health.  Please Promise you will be with us in PRAYER the day of her surgery, if surgery is an option that is!!!  Lyla still needs you!!!!!!!  I need You :)


  1. So glad that Lyla has been approved to go to Boston and that you have received some financial assistance. How nice that you were able to visit with the Basile's, I know how much it meant to them especially to Zoya. Carol

  2. I have been praying, and I will continue!!!!

  3. This truly is a MIRACLE--nothing less.