Friday, September 20, 2013

Miracle Travel Works!!!!!!

Oh My!!!  I am so so so so GRATEFUL, I can't even tell you!  I had applied for a grant a week ago to help with travel expenses for our trip to Boston.  Today, I received an e/m that we were APPROVED!!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!  This will help us so much, I can't even tell you!!!!  THANK GOD!!!!!  I want to KISS everyone on the awards committee at Miracle Travel Works!!!!  OH MY!!!!!  Okay, maybe a kiss is inappropriate but I definitely want to give the biggest hugest hugs to each an everyone of them!!!!!!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!

Here is the link to the amazing group willing to help us:

I will definitely be donating to them when we are back on our feet!!!


She so Deserves EVERYTHING

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  1. Truly a huge blessing for them to bestow upon the Spitz family on behalf of Ms. Lyla. LOVE!!!