Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Praying for Insurance to approve

If you would, please send up a prayer that Lyla's insurance will approve her trip to Boston.  I believe we will hear from them today!!!  OH BOY!!!  I am so so so so nervous to answer the phone!!!!

A few blog followers have asked for an update on Taylor & Kostya!  Thank you!!!  Taylor will be writing up an update soon for you!!!


  1. Please let us all pray that the insurance company allows sweet Lyla to go to Boston for medical testing and surgery. If they say no find out what hospitals will they allow her to go to. Where can I read about the meeting of Taylor and Kostya, as I wasn't a follower of your blog at that time. Let's also pray that Zoya B is on her way to a full recovery. Carol

  2. Go Lyla!

    Looking forward to Tay's blog update! They are severely too cute together! :)