Monday, September 23, 2013

Waiting to hear

Boston called Friday and said they had to reschedule Lyla's appointments.  I knew I had bigger fish to fry with the insurance company so I didn't get to worked up about it.

Today, Boston called back to schedule Lyla at the end of October.  UGH!!!  So I asked to speak with Dr. Marx.  I left a message for him, asking if there is anything he can do so Lyla can come to Boston sooner.  I reminded him that he wanted to see her in two weeks - NOW IT'S 8 WEEKS!!!  I also mentioned that we bought a plane ticket for Rachel to come help Dave with the kids while we are in Buffalo.  YES, we are so BLESSED that Rachel is coming!!!!  THANK GOD!!!  Now, it would be great to see her of course as I miss her something terrible but it kind of defeats the purpose to have her here when Lyla and I are still here.  HA!!!

I am starting to question my self about pushing the limits.  Should I of just accepted that date at the end of October?  I am starting to get confused on what is God's Plan.  Am I fighting for HIS PLAN - or am I fighting against his HIS PLAN??????  I don't know!  After the insurance fight, I am just starting to get confused I guess.

Well, then I have these two beauties that make the confusion go BYE BYE!!!!!  How could I possibly focus on anything else :)

Lyla has taken swinging to a whole new level.  The Girl Likes to SWING!!!!!
 I guess it's mandatory to have your tongue out when driving.  Don't believe me???  Take a look:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Oh Beautiful Belle!!!  You light up my heart sweet girl!!!!!!!

I sure do LOVE these girls something FIERCE!!!!!!!!!

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