Monday, August 12, 2013

Updates - Updates - Updates

So Many Updates to share!!!!

A beautiful weekend in July we drove to Ohio to see some pretty Amazing Friends!!!   Go HERE and check out the FUN!!!!!  We had a wonderful time visiting with the Birschbach family!!!  We wanted them to know just how Excited we are that they are adopting, so we all wore our adoptions shirts from a fundraiser they had to bring GRACE Home!!!  They are so close to bringing her home - Check it out HERE!!!!

July 22, Sara Grace had a Birthday!!  SHE IS FIVE!!!  That meant we had 4 five year old's in the family!!

Another very special person in our life had a Birthday that day too!!!  UNCLE MIKE!!!!!

 Uncle Mike helped bring those two precious girls HOME!!!!  He sure is something SPECIAL!!!!
Above is a picture I took before we headed to the Basile's to celebrate Uncle Mike and SG's Bday!!!  Such a Special Day!!!

Sarah Basile made a BEAUTIFUL video in honor of Uncle Mike!!!  Take a look HERE!!!!!

Some More Big Big Big news is that Taylor & Kostya are EXPECTING!!!!  A Little Girl!!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  Evelyn Sage is due to enter the world in November so I will be traveling to Ukraine in December to meet my first grandchild.  Another baby in Ukraine!!!  Can you believe it????

Conor leaves for college this Friday!!!  UGH!!!  I really thought it would be a piece of cake.  I was WRONG!!!  AGAIN!!!  I am freaking out!!!!  He will only be 2 hours away at Medaille College but I am flat out going to miss him.

I know a little girl that is going to miss her big brother something awful.  Sweet Belle!!!!

Four of the Fab Five had dentist appointments and I am so happy to report that they have been brushing good because NO CAVITIES!!!!!  They were all pretty excited about the good news!!!!

August 9th Owen had a Birthday!!  He is now Six!!!  WHOA!!!  Really, just where in the world does the time go?????  WHERE?????  SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh My Goodness!!!!!

Ms. Lyla has been taking steps!!  Beautiful Steps!!!  We are pretty sure Uncle Mike had something to do with it all but we haven't been able to get a straight answer from him!!!

We have not heard from Boston yet.  We are still waiting and still PRAYING!!!!  Lyla is doing so great though.  She is absolutely an INSPIRATION!!!!!

I don't have any updates for Nick, Belle or Gavin except to say they are all doing great!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for continuing to follow our blog!!!!  We hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!!!


  1. Thanks for the updates. Does Taylor have a blog? How exciting! I too am sending my oldest off to college but 24 hrs away *sniff*

  2. It sure has been a very busy summer for the Spitz household.

    So exciting the news of the grand baby, she is going to be a darling little girl I just know it.

  3. So many updates! I'm so happy to see your family is doing great! Congratulations to Taylor and her husband! I will be praying for them and their little blessing!

  4. Exciting news all around for you! So happy to see Lyla taking those sweet steps. Zella has started crawling and I am very excited. I love how it feels when our little ones start doing something new!