Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Oh My!!!!!  BOSTON CALLED!!!!!!!!!

I spoke with Dr. Marx!!!  He was so nice to talk to you!!!  I felt so comfortable right away!!!!

He told me that he can't promise that Lyla will have heart surgery in Boston but he would like to see her soon.  THANK GOD!!!!  He will schedule her to also see a Pulmonary Hypertension specialist.  Lyla will have a series of tests that will take 3 days.  Poor Sweet Girl!!!  But she is so tough!!!  Dr. Marx did tell me that if her cath results are anything like they were in May, surgery is not an option!!!  BUT and a very BEAUTIFUL "BUT", he has two other possible procedures that might help her pulmonary hypertension.  So maybe one of these procedures would allow her lung pressures to get where they need to be so surgery might be possible in a year.  Oh Yes!!!  Options and Chances are sooooooooooooo GOOD TO HEAR!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for keeping Lyla in your prayers!!!  Every PRAYER is obviously being heard because Lyla has been given YET ANOTHER CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Amazing God! I'm so thankful to read these words tonight. I know that this has been heavy on your heart.

    Boy oh boy a trip to Boston! woohoo!!!!!