Friday, August 30, 2013

Ba, Ba, Ba, Honesty, Dance and a GRAND FINISH

Lyla is "Ba Ba Ba Ba" ing up a storm!!!  Take a look:

In addition to her mastering "ba ba ba" she makes a point to always be honest.  Here is the proof:

Belle & Gav went to a dance class last night.  Thank you Sarah Basile for the referral!!!  The group of people working at VIBE dance Studio are the BEST of the BEST!!!!  So Amazing!!!  Belle just loved it!!!  I cried watching her because I was just so proud that she has this opportunity to shine!!!  GO BUG!!!!!  Gav on the other hand did not enjoy the class.  He did decide to sit up after laying down for a good portion.  Poor Gav!!!  I had a brain storm on the ride home from dance regarding Gav.  It only took me a year to figure out some things.  I will share that in another post.  Still trying to gather all my thoughts!!!  Here is some pictures of my two dance class attenders.  Why didn't I take a video????  Oh well!!!  Live and Learn!!!

Today Owen and Sara ran a 1K.  I am so proud to announce they both crossed the finish line.

GO SG, We are so Proud of You

Owen's finish was about 6 minutes after his group had already finished.  A group of kids the same age.  I had called Dave at work prior to Owen taking off and asked him to meet O half way - just in case.  Owen started off with such excitement.  Oh he was on fire!!!  Probably about 30 feet out of the gate he put his arms in the air behind him in his favorite super hero running position.  It was ON!!!!  Then about 20 feet more and he started to walk.  Shaking his sweet head in realization this run was tougher than he had thought.  So I called Dave and said "you might want to meet him a littler sooner".  Of course Dave ran to meet O.  He ran with him the whole way.  Encouraging him every step of the way.  My sweet boy!!!  Then I could see him about a block away.  Walking, Red Faced, Sweating profusely but moving those arms like no body's business to keep the momentum going.  As they got closer, I realized all the people cheering for my beautiful boy.  A crowd of PROUD PROUD Fans!!!  Fans that didn't walk away because they thought the race was over 5 minutes prior.  Oh No!!!  They stayed and they cheered that last runner on as if he was about to win an Olympic medal (Well that's so how it felt anyways)!!!  Then I noticed Dave.  Oh My!!!  He was an emotional mess.  He was clearly shocked that so many people would cheer on his son, his son that he LOVES to end of the earth, his son that nobody cared what place he was finishing just so PROUD that he would finish.  I tell you, it was something!!!!!

 Again, why in the world didn't I video this????????

Listen, I am not sure for a second how in the world I am so BLESSED to witness the most AMAZING things this life has to offer but I am not about to trade with anyone that is for SURE!!!!!

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