Monday, February 25, 2013

Birthday, Owen and Honeymoon

Bug turned 5 on February 21st!!!  I can't even believe it!!!  I still can't even believe how BLESSED I am to be her Mom!!!!  This beautiful Five year old treasure is MY DAUGHTER!!!!  WOW!!!!!

(Conor is definitely her favorite Big Sibling!!!  SHHHH - Don't tell)

Owen had a wonderful visit with his Birth Mom yesterday!!!!  Look at that Smile!!!!  I can't say it enough how GRATEFUL we are to Tiffany for sharing her gift from God with us!!!!  AMAZING!!!!

Our sweet little Bean has not been doing very well.  UGH!!!!  The cardiologist had mentioned a "honeymoon" stage regarding Lyla's heath.  Well, it seems the honeymoon is definitely over.  Even standing up now takes a lot out of her!!!  Nights have been hard too!!!  Dave and I are taking turns sleeping with her.  We are too scared to let her sleep in her crib.

Only God knew how I was struggling with her upcoming heart surgery.  I just wasn't sure we were doing the right thing.  I GET IT NOW!!!!!!!  

So now to keep her healthy for 2 weeks.  We have put Lyla on house arrest.  She sadly is catching everything and anything lately so we had to do something.    

There isn't anything I wouldn't do for this girl!!!  

Please Keep Lyla In All Your Prayers!!!!   We are Forever Grateful for every PRAYER!!!!!!


  1. I'm praying for Lyla everyday and I have marked my calendar for the 13th to pray extra hard that day. So sorry to hear that she is not feeling well. Thanks for sharing all of the great photos above.

  2. Happy birthday sweet Belle!! I'm so happy that precious little girl is celebrated the way she deserves it! I'm praying for Lyla.

  3. Such a busy household that's for sure but oh my oh my look at that love between the big guy there and his little lady. I sure hope that the next time we visit he is around to sit and chat for a few minutes.

    Ms. Lyla she sure does look like she is deep in thought in that picture.

    Momma you are loaded with beautiful treasures. :)

    Sweet Owen, he's got enough love in that little soul of his for lots of women in his life that's for sure. You are doing such an amazing job with all of your children.

    It is crazy nuts that Bellie is 5. I was just thinking that in 4 short months there will 2 more joining the ranks of 5 year olds, I know that it has blown my mind. How can it be 5 years already????

    Sending you lots and lots of love, loads of hugs and kisses but most of all tons of prayers.

    Love you all xoxoxo

  4. I love the pictures! That is such a great picture of Conner and Belle she looks so sweet. And Owen has got quite the smile. Poor Lyla I pray ever night for your pretty princess to stay well for her surgery! Even not feeling well she still looks beautiful!! I love your valentine photos but the commentary really brings them to life!! They are too funny!!
    I miss Lyla been and hope she builds her strength up and stays healthy for surgery. If you need anything let me know.