Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Taylor and I made shirts for the littles to wear today
I am not very crafty
Okay, I'm NOT crafty AT ALL
so this was a huge undertaking for me

The shirts turned out pretty darn good
if I don't say so myself

I decided a photo shoot was necessary
to show of my craftability (not a word?)

I gathered up those sweet little cherubs 
with their Fabulous Valentine Shirts
with a vision of obtaining
 a good quality photo

I was really reaching when I was looking for 
"Good" and "Quality"
in the same picture

Making the shirts was a piece of cake
compared to getting
this group to all look at me

I was asking way too much of my little crew so early in the morning

It is what it is

With out further ado 
I present
Six Hundred and Seventy Two Pictures
I took this morning

Hmmm, Let's see,  what are the reasons the above picture just isn't what I was hoping for.
Well, Gavin holding on to Lyla's arm in a double hand death grip and trying to brag to Owen about it is not really appropriate for a photo.   Owen for some reason must of thought the audience would be wearing 3D glasses when viewing this picture.  Oh a good thing that came from this picture is that we now know Sara clearly needs to see an eye doctor ASAP.   Back to the "whats wrong with this picture":   Bellie did not take her happy pill and she was making that crystal clear.  Lyla is trying to figure out why in the world she is on the stairs with four of her siblings while Gavin is ripping her arm off and not a soul is making any attempt to save her.
 Really?  Why are they all looking over there??????

"Hey Guys, I'm over here!!!  You know - RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU"
Good Job Gavin - you got this one right pal

This one is really not too bad if only Gav's lower jaw was cranked back up about 4 inches!!!  Oh and if Sara didn't decide to share some sister secrets with Belle  right at the precise moment I took the picture.  Owen looks good!  Lyla might be taking "happy" to a new level here.   Sometimes "less is more" Lyla!!  We will work on that.

Yep, the above is the Best I got of the five of them!!!  
That's it, right there!!!  
Yes, the one where you can see Sara's tonsils, where it is obvious Belle would rather be anywhere then right there and where Gav is trying to hold back a smirk of "I could of told you this wasn't going to work Mom"!!  That's the WINNER!!!!  
 Then I thought I would try for the three Ukranians.  
This went a little better!  
Darn it, this one is so good of the girls but my sweet "heart breaker" in the back row decided to see if anything interesting was going on upstairs. 

Belle tried to make a getaway probably about 15 times in the 10 minutes we tried to take pictures.
 Look at the horror in Gav's eyes?
After all the threats I made to "sit still" he is confident he is about to be charged as an accersory to Belle's crime since she is holding on to his knee.  This is Gav's "Oh Crap" face!!!

FYI:  Gavin was not charged!!!  Well not for this crime at least!!!

Oh My!!!  Lyla is trying to help Belle sit like a lady.  Belle was trying to figure out how babies grow in tummy's.  And Gavin is giving his high eyebrows wondering if his PRAYERS have been answered and this is the last attempt.  Sorry Gav - Not Yet!!!

AH HA!!!!   Oh Yes, now that's a picture!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day To All Of  

Owen, Sara, Belle, Gavin


  1. Thank you for sharing your "photo Shoot" of the little ones. Your narritive was priceless. Carol

  2. There is a feature in photo editing that would allow you to merge a few pictures so you get the best pose of each in a group shot. It is in the Microsoft Picture program. Basically it merges the picture into 1 and you get all in the group looking great!