Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The One Week Countdown!!!!

OH MY!!!!!  Lyla is scheduled for open heart surgery in just 1 week!!!!!!!  OH MY!!!!!!

I thought I PRAYED a lot during our Adoptions!!!!  UM NO!!!!!  I am definitely PRAYING a lot now!!!!

Looks like my sweet little Bean is talking to the Big Guy in the Sky Too!!!!!

Doesn't it look like she is saying

"Remember we have a deal"


  1. You are going to do great Miss Lyla! :-)

  2. Love the photo shoot! She is darling.

    I got up this morning looked at the calendar and said the same thing, the countdown to surgery starts today.

    Saying prayers and holding you all close in my heart.

    Love you all,

  3. Praying for her!! And for you and the rest of the family! Love the photos, she's so beautiful!

  4. I pray for your little girl to go through surgery well!