Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Thank you so much for the prayers!!!
When the surgeon did the bronchoscope she found that Lyla has bronchomalcia, upper airway obstruction and laryngotrachial stenosis. Not sure if I have the spelling right on those??? And not sure if any of them mean the same thing. Lyla had some tissue removed and it was sent out to be tested for cancer cells. The surgeon said "with what we found today Lyla will need to stay in the hospital for a few days".
But then in true Lyla fashion only 2 hours after surgery she was drinking, sitting up, trying to crawl all over and she even ate, the surgeon changed her mind!! She then said "okay she can probably go home tomorrow"!!!! All the doctors and nurses can not believe how tough this girl is. They are amazed!!
Many of them have said "she is the best tonsil and adenoid patient I have ever had"!!!
Many have also said, "She is such a fighter"!!!!
My favorite is, "she is such a miracle"!!!!
Oh yes she is!!!! I couldn't be any prouder to be her Mom!!!

Thank you so much for all the prayers!!! Obviously they are being answered and I am so grateful!!!


  1. No doubt that they all fell in love with her. So glad to hear that she did so well and was able to come home quickly.

  2. She IS a miracle!!! What an amazing little girl!