Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lyla is home!!

We left the hospital around noon yesterday!! This girl is the ultimate warrior princess. Look at these pictures of her in the hospital yesterday.

I guess she forgot that she just had surgery and was in the PICU!!! She is something!!!

Sweet Belle wasn't impressed that Lyla came home and Gavin was obsessed with the bandages on her face. Lyla was annoyed with Gavin constantly staring at her. Here is the proof.

They crack me up!!!

Lyla slept well last night. She only woke up once when it was time for pain meds.

Today she is back to her normal routine.

She crawls so fast that I am not able to get a good picture.

Some walking with Nick!!

The best part of her morning was receiving kisses from her big brother!!!

Now we just wait for the biopsy results!! Please pray for GOOD results!!!! Thank you so much!!!


  1. Thank you so much for the updates on Ms. Lyla.
    We are praying the biopsy results come back ok. Carol

  2. Beanie! So glad she is home.