Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Abundantly Blessed!!!

I brought Belle in the kitchen for a snack.  Leaving Sara & Lyla on the couch with the IPad and Gavin looking at a book.  I put Belle in her highchair, took out the goldfish container and put a couple fish on Belle's tray.  I ran downstairs to grab a bottle of water, took approximately 3 sips and then went to check on Sara, Lyla and Gavin.  

In that very short time, this is what I found:

My sweet girls had passed right out!!!

Which allowed the perfect opportunity for Gavin to steal his sisters purse, remove the caps off of EIGHT lip gloss containers and put them all back in the purse!!!  He was so PROUD of himself!!!

Obviously I couldn't be mad at him.  He put all the lip gloss back where it belonged - something we PREACH constantly around here!!!  Yes, I wish he would of put the caps back on so we didn't have a sloppy mess in the purse but hey I wish Dave would hire a housekeeper too and I am sadly aware that isn't ever going to happen!!!

Really, I don't need to wish for a thing!!!

I Have Been Abundantly Blessed!!!!

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