Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Not a "NO"

Thank GOD!!!  I just got off the phone with Lyla's cardiologist, Dr. Leonard.  The Doctors in the conference all agree that surgery for Lyla will be very high risk but the alternative could be even worse with out surgery.  So they have a plan!!!  THANK GOD!!!

Lyla will be put on oxygen 24/7 and she will start taking Viagra three times a day in addition to her Lasix and Enalpril.  Since Lyla responded well to oxygen during her cath they believe that this will allow her to get stronger.  They will reevaluate her case again early February.  Dr. Leonard said they might request another cath before scheduling surgery but hopefully surgery could be scheduled in February or March!!!!!

OH THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so very much for all the PRAYERS!!!!!  They are being heard and being put in to action!!!!!  I can NOT even come close to telling you how grateful we are!!!!!!




  1. PRAISE GOD!! So happy to hear this wonderful news!!!

  2. I have been waiting anxiously for thankful it was good! God is merciful. Praises from GA!

  3. Please get this book Metabolic Cardiology by Stephen Sinatra MD. This brillian physician is an integrative cardiologist. The book explains the miracle of using supplements our body should make such as co q 10 but may not be able to. He uses supplements (natural things GOD himself has designed) to restore failing hearts. Hearts that are deprived of oxygen can not restore their own energy supply like normal hearts. He details some supplements and how he has even used them to take patients OFF the heart transplant list because they no longer needed a new heart because their's was working so much better. Obviously Lyla will still need the structural defects corrected but these supplements would help restore the crucial energy stores for her heart to withstand the surgery and come off of bypass. I am an integrative physician and I have seen the effects his protocol can bring. I pray you can find time to research this now so you can help your precious girl before it is time for surgery. I am praying for LYLA:)and your family.

    1. Just bought this book on Ebay - I should have it next week! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    2. That brings me to tears. I am so relieved! Not sure if this Dr still sees patients but if he did it would be SO worth it to get Lyla a consult. You will be amazed at the healing energy brought quickly to those who start these supplements. PRAISE GOD!!

    3. Unfortunately his website states this: Today Dr. Sinatra is active primarily as an author, speaker, and advisor for the research and development of nutritional supplements. He continues to be particularly involved in research on his newest therapeutic discovery, earthing.

      It doesn't look like Lyla would be able to see him but I am so excited to read the book!!! Thank you so much for making us aware!!!!

  4. Absolutely wonderful to hear that it is not a flat out no!!!! Prayers have been answered.

    I'm thrilled to pieces over this news!

    Give them all a big smooch from all of us....