Monday, November 26, 2012

Catch up!!!

Here is a Catch Up Post!!!!
Sorry It has taken me so long!!!
I so appreciate the messages making sure that we are all okay!!!!

Well, first Lyla's Birthday Party was Wonderful!!!  She wouldn't eat her cupcake so we pureed it for her!!!  She sure seemed to LOVE it!!!!

That beautiful hand made card came all the way from Switzerland!!!  Yes, our girl sure is LOVED all over the world!!!!

Then the next day was her cath.  She wasn't feeling so well when she woke up from anesthesia.  Look at Uncle Mike just LOVE her!!!!

Lyla just wasn't getting back to her self after her cath.  On the third day I called her Pediatrician and he put her on an antibiotic - she was better in 12 hours.  SO GRATEFUL!!!!  Our little Bean got better each day!!

Sara has been up to her normal antics.  Playing "baby" with Gavin is so much fun for her!  She is so lucky Gavin is such a great sport about it.

Reading to the baby!
Dressing the baby up like a Princess!!!  Poor Gavin!!!
We had a beautiful day last week and we went to the playground!  Belle is changing so much!!!  She sure is something special!!!
Gavin needs to work on his poker face, don't you think?  Pretty obvious he is about to do something "naughty".  Oh my he is HANDSOME!!!!

SG drives me crazy on a daily basis.  Last night she was playing "hair dresser" and put a very generous amount of vase line in her hair.  Have you ever had the pleasure of washing Vaseline out of hair???  Well, it DOESN'T WASH OUT!!!   Oh this girl has a busy imagination!!!  The problem with her imagination is it is usually very very MESSY!!!!

AWE!!!  Gavin was driving Miss. Belle!!!

Lyla took her chance at the wheel.  As you can see Belle was a tad bit concerned.
Sweet Owen is still just Sweet Owen!!!
My sister (Annie Hef) left last week :(   We miss her so much!!!!

Lyla is still full of smiles!!!

Thanksgiving was Wonderful!!!  So Wonderful I forgot to take pictures - UGH!!!  A First Turkey Day for Gav and Lyla Bean.  Big Things happened at dinner on Thanksgiving, Lyla ate Sweet Potato and Mashed Potato's from a spoon!!!  YAY!!!  GO BEAN!!!  Bellie ate all her mashed potato's her self with a spoon!!!!!  GO BUG!!!!  Gavin ate half the 17 lb turkey!!!  GO CHEN!!!!!  Owen didn't eat a thing at dinner because he snacked all day.  GO OWIE!!!!  And Sara talked all through dinner about herself!!  GO SG!!!!!  GOOD TIMES!!!  The big kids spent Thanksgiving with their Dad & Sarah - they too had a Wonderful Time!!!
How about those eyes???

Now we wait to hear from Lyla's Cardiologist on Thursday to find out if the other physicians are willing to operate!!!  PLEASE PRAY THAT THEY WILL!!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Thanks for the update and photos.

  2. Life at the spitz house is so much fun!! Why does Lyla look so grown up in those pictures!! Beautiful too her hair is getting so long. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving!! I cant believe little Gav ate so much turkey!! They are all beautiful!!

  3. What a wonderful update!

    I loved the Thanksgiving update. Owen snacking all day made me giggle. So proud of Bellie and Lyla for their eating abilities. Oh Gavin!!!! You are something else buddy.... Uncle Dan is going to be proud to hear that you were packing the food away. hahaha SG!! You're a trip and a half and I love you for it.

    Oh Mommy, SG's dollies all smell soooo good. Izzy totally loved them. I had to hear about them for the last bit of our trip to Grandma's house. HAHAHA

    Love love love the updates!!!!

  4. Thanks for the updates, Summer. I really enjoyed all of the pictures, too. Love to all,

  5. Love your littles, I enjoy their antics and the fact that you have the patience to handle it and keep on keepin on. Thank you for sharing your life and that of the kids. My prayers are with Lyla, and SG should grow out of it. Just think how brilliant she will be when all that creativity is funnelled towards knowledge and invention! Please let us know about Lyla just as soon as possible.

  6. So, is Uncle Mike their real Uncle Mike? Or, just a good man who helps?

    1. Uncle Mike is just a wonderful man who is head over heals in love with Lyla. He is not blood related but he is absolutely FAMILY!!!! Thanks for asking :)

  7. I wish I could send you the picture I have of my 2 year old with a tub of Vaseline in her hair, at least a cup if not more! Dish soap helped a bit, but luckily she's half black so her dry hair soaked up most of the Vaseline overnight lol