Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day

I do not mean to be disrespectful to Christopher Columbus in any way BUT the truth is, when I realized Columbus day was approaching, I immediately thought "Oh No, Everyone is HOME"!!!  I knew I could handle it but would I be able to keep everyone busy and happy???  That was the question.  So Plan A was to gather up the toddlers for a photo shoot.  A photo shoot is always a good activity.   They are confined to a small area and they enjoy the entertainment.  The entertainment consists of their Mother jumping around like a lunatic in attempt for smiles.  They Love it!!!  Well, I think they Love it!  Out of 300 plus pictures only 2 toddlers could be found smiling at the same time.   WHERE DID I GO WRONG???  Maybe I need to resort to costumes????  Props?????

Well, we have a new header picture for our Blog!!
and no one was injured!!!!

So Plan A was Successful I would say!!!

The only issue with Plan A was it only utilized about 15 minutes!!!


I didn't have a Plan B, C, D, E, F, G, etc..........

So the Reality of Columbus Day at The Spitz House Set in!!
It turns out not having a plan results in a huge loss of control!!

Here is the painful evidence:

The reality set in for Sweet Lyla too!!!
Pretty sure she is already dreading Columbus Day Next Year!!!



  1. Um Mommy, I think Sara and Gavin are planning an escape with those backpacks! hehehehehe

    Love it!

  2. Love it!! Your house looked much better than mine and I only have one little!! It looked like Sara and Gavin were trying to get to school especially Gavin!!

  3. I love the look Sarah and Gavin are giving eachother in the first picture. How do they get along? I would love to see a post on how all your little ones react together - and the big ones when they are around. Does a little one have a favorate big one?

  4. I think Sir Gavin is going to pass up Owen pretty quickly!Love the new header!