Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dora & Sweet Repeats!!!

We Love Sweat Repeats!!!  Sweet Repeats is a Super Awesome Consignment store in Jamestown.  We are FREQUENT customers!!!  If consignment didn't exist we would all be naked - that is a FACT!!!  Not a
pleasant Fact I know!!!  Sorry but it's true!!!

We were able to meet Dora The Explorer at Sweet Repeats this past Saturday and have our picture taken with her!!!  It was a Pretty Big Deal for some of the toddlers at this house!!!

Thank you Sweet Repeats!!!!  And Thank You Dora!!!!


  1. I love SG's big smile while proud daddy is holding her next to Dora!

    Izzy has that same sweatshirt as Gavin, I love it.

    I have to say Mommy you're looking pretty awesome, I guess it is true children keep you looking so young. Can you send me some???? pretty please!!!!

  2. Bellie is getting so tall! And cuter every day! It looks like the littles had a great day!