Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friday & Saturday

 Lyla asked Sara to show her around the kitchen.  Apparently Lyla is sick of waiting for her Mom to prepare her meals.
 Always make time for a KISS!!!!
 Does it get any sweeter??????
I guess it's not always sweet!!!  But always FUN!!!!!
 Belle is still trying to figure out this whole "Lyla" thing.
 Yes, that it Lyla physically abusing her brother in hopes to get control of the Ipad.
 Yes, she is doing it again!  The girl is a BRUTE!!!!
 Then she puts Belle in some type of head lock.  Oh Boy!!!!
Thankfully she was behaving for this picture.

These guys LOVE the Ipad!!!!

 Gavin also ENJOYS a Good Book!!!!
 Belle desperately trying to wake Sara up.
 Five Toddlers In a VAN!!!
 Look at that Beautiful Princess!!  So hard to believe she is an Ultimate Fighter!!!
 Oh My!!!  Conor's last high school homecoming dance!!  Sara had to put on her Belle gown when she found out we were going to take pictures at a "dance".  Jessie Looked absolutely Stunning!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how PROUD I am of Conor!!!    


  1. I just can't get over how MUCH Lyla has BLOSSOMED with love! It is beautiful to behold! She is standing up - and she grins from ear to ear - she is so full of life and joy! Thanks for sharing pictures so we can see her transformation!

    1. I totally agree with Pam. Lyla is a miracle and it is a joy to watch her grow and smile!!

  2. Your kids get cuter in every picture! Lyla is a fighter for sure! And Gavin sounds like a nice brother.

  3. 1. Lyla is FEISTY! Love it.

    2. Conor and his GF are gorgeous! and SG in that dress? Precious!

    I'm going to have to come visit you at some point during my winter break!!!!