Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lyla's Cardiology Appointment

You guys are AMAZING - you know that?  We are so BLESSED to have so many people ask how Lyla's appointment went!!!  Thank you so much!!!  Sorry it has taken me so long to post!!!  Time is hard to find these days - I can't figure out why????

Lyla's appointment went GREAT!!!  Dr. Leonard said "she looks so much better" and "I see she has gained some weight - very good"!!!  This visit was so much more positive then the one 5 weeks ago - THANK GOD!!!!

Dr. Leonard explained what they will do with Lyla during her catheterization.  She will have 3 cath's in 1 (well, that's how he explained it).  The second cath will be done on 100% oxygen and the third will be done on nitric oxide.  Many of you probably know a lot more about this then I do.  This will determine if she will be a candidate for surgery, that's what I do know.  Dr.Leonard, a pediatric cardiac surgeon and a pediatric anesthesiologist will all be in the cath lab during the procedure.  Lyla will be in GREAT HANDS!!!!

We should know by the end of the week the date for her procedure.  I am so very anxious to have the results.  Before this cardiology appointment I kept thinking "Oh we can wait - she is doing so good".  Well now, I am so ready for the next step!!

In the meantime, we will CHERISH and ENJOY every moment with this very Amazing Little Girl!!!!


  1. The beautiful chaos in these pictures! Love it.

  2. What a blessing that the news was overall very good. Lyla is such a trooper, and whatever the results of the cath are, she is so strong and so amazing.

  3. Glad to hear the doc thinks she's doing so much better! I'm sure I'd be shocked how well she's doing if I saw her again! :) Love you all!

  4. Oh boy just look at Lyla go. Freedom must feel amazing! The love of a family must feel amazing! Feeling love, hope and everything that goes with having a family to love you must be amazing for Lyla. :)

    Keep us posted.

  5. Hi Summer! I was just wondering if you are OK, I know you must be very busy with all the babies, but I'd love to know how you're doing! Praying for you all!