Friday, October 19, 2012

Lots of updates!!!!

Lyla is starting to CRAWL!!!!  GO LYLA!!!!!

Lyla had her well child check today with Dr. Przygozdki!!!  Big Sister Sara was such a big help!!!  Lyla has a cardiology appointment this coming Monday.  Please Pray that they will schedule her cardiac cath as soon as possible!!  Thank You!!!
Lyla is able to sit all by herself!!!  OH MY!!!!  We are so proud of this girl!!!
My camera broke last weekend so some of these pictures were taken with my phone.   This is why the quality is so poor but the model still shines!!!

You can catch her smiling 99% of each day!!

Gavin is still just a cute as ever, even with yogurt all over his face!!!

Bellie Bug is using a sippy cup NOW!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!  No More Bottle For This Bug!!!!  YAY!!!!!
Look how Proud she is!!!

We found a stray kitty.  Poor sweet thing was infested with fleas.  Dave said I should give it a flea bath.  How hard could it be ????  OH BOY - I know now that I will never EVER give a cat a bath again.  It was WAR in that bathroom and I am pretty sure that 12 oz kitty WON!!!  Well except now she is FLEA FREE!!!   She is now living with my Mom and her name is Rory!!  I am happy to report that the bath episode didn't do any permanent damage to me or the cat!!!
Owen lost his first tooth!!!  He was so excited!!!  He put his tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy to find while he was sleeping.  That awesome fairy left Owen $1!!!  So now he wants to buy gum!!!  Not sure if she would be too happy about that but........

Conor was invited to play in an all star soccer game in November.  He wants desperately to attend Colgate University in the fall!!  The Soccer Coach from Colgate is going to try and attend the all star game to watch Conor play!!!  WOW!!!!!!  

Taylor is working full time at Chautauqua Opportunities as a receptionist.  She LOVES her new job and is so looking forward to Kostya coming to visit in December!!!!  We are actually all looking forward to his visit!!!!  I Love that Boy!!!!

(Owen took this picture of Taylor and he is so proud of it.)

Nicholas has a concussion from playing soccer so he is unable to play for the rest of the season.   He is enjoying his first year in the high school!!!!

This picture was from Nick's 8th grade moving up ceremony.  This is Taylor, Conor and Nick's Dad Michael.  We are a very BLESSED family where everyone gets along beautifully because we all know that it is in the BEST INTEREST of the children to do so!!  As a matter of fact we have even vacationed together. Michael and his soon to be wife Sarah (who I LOVE), Dave, Taylor, Conor, Nick, Owen, Sara and myself.  They can be found at most of the birthday parties we have at this house too!!  Sarah & Michael even took Sara and Owen for an overnight stay while we were in Ukraine.  SG and Owen had such a FUN time they didn't want to leave their house!!!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT??????  They are the BEST!!!

Dave is wrapped around the finger of yet another little girl!!!  He comes home every day for lunch and spends most of it loving on his little ones.  He is pretty much the BEST DADDY EVER!!!!!

And me???  Well I am enjoying every moment of this amazing life that God has granted me!!!!


  1. Hands down I can agree with you that your family is blessed in so many ways, just look at all those pictures.

    Glad to see the "big" three, missed seeing their faces. They are all sooooo busy. Way to go guys! You all rock!

  2. I love your updates! Everybody is looking great! And Lyla is changing so much with the love of your family, she's really a miracle girl!

  3. GO Lyla go! Incredible!! :-)

    If Gavin got any more cute, I think I couldn't stand it. That is one handsome kid!

    I know Tay can't wait to see her husband. I'm assuming since she's working that she is staying in the states until he joins her in March? Is there going to be a second wedding? :-)

    Your family is quite blessed and it's so wonderful how big it is, in ALL the ways it has grown.

  4. 1. GO LYLA!
    2. When did Owen start looking like such a big boy?
    3. Praying for good news Monday!

  5. Hope the Cardiology visit went well! Can't wait to hear of the results.