Saturday, November 3, 2012


Yes, we are here!!!  We are all doing very well!!!  Sorry I haven't posted!  Time is so limited these days.  I know I keep saying that but it is so the truth!!!  Thank you so much Emi for making sure we were okay!

Lyla's cardiac cath is scheduled for November 15th.  Dave only has 1 vacation day left and he would like to use that day for Lyla's surgery - GOD WILLING!!!  So, Uncle Mike was so super nice to agree to go with us.  My sister flew in so she will take care of the other littles while I am in Rochester.  The nurse told me to plan on staying the night.  So that is the plan!!!  We just have to keep sweet Lyla healthy until November 15th or she wont be able to have the test.  So that is the MISSION in this house right now.  KEEP LYLA HEALTHY!!!!!

Lyla's birthday is November 14th!!!  SHE WILL BE THREE!!!!!!  I can't even believe it!!!  It's  hard to believe this girl lived one day with out us, never mind 2 years and 9 months.  It feels like she has been with us since the amazing day she was born November 14, 2009.  Oh how we LOVE HER!!!!!

Here are some fun pictures showing just a smidgen of what we have been up to.


  1. Thanks for the update post, Summer. The pictures are adorable. I hadn't remembered that Lyla's b-day was 11/14. Julia's is 11/17. I can't believe Julia will be six and Lyla three already. I have marked my calendar for the 15th. I will be praying all day for Lyla and you.

  2. Oh my gosh! They are all so gorgeous, and Lyla!!! She is looking AHH---MAZING! Love yall and hope to meet you all as soon as possible! Take care!!

  3. The pictures are adorable!! I'm glad you are doing well! I will be praying for princess Lyla and for you!