Tuesday, September 4, 2012

She remembers me!!!

Wonderful amazing day!!! We were able to get everything done in record time today which meant we were able to see LYLA!!! Guess what?? She remembered me!!! I can't even tell you how awesome it was to walk in her room, say her name and have her look up at me like she did. Lyla took a moment as if to make sure it was really me and then she SMILED one big beautiful smile. And when I walked in she was on her hands and knees in an almost crawling position!!!! Oh my!!! She was not able to do that a month ago!!!

Lyla is a pretty big fan of uncle Mike too. She was reaching for him and going in for some pretty serious hugs!! Not so sure how he won her over so quickly but it didn't hurt that he fell for her too. This Uncle Mike guy is an alright kind of guy!!!

Gotcha day is planned for Thursday!!! Oh my I am excited!!!

-Reaching for me to pick her up!!! So so so so very awesome!!!

I wish I took a picture of uncle Mike trying to take this hippo out of Lyla's mouth. Priceless!! Oh and Lyla won!!!

I was able to feed Lyla her dinner!!! Such a BLESSING!!!

This is the position Lyla truly prefers to be in and Uncle Mike pulled it off beautifully!!!

Awe!! I wish this wasn't blurry. Lyla was holding his face as he sang to her!!!

This girl sure is Loved!!!

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  1. YAY!!! I love it!!! SOO COOL that she remembered you!!! LOVE THAT GIRL!!! and you!! :) I've said a million times before, but she really is beautiful! So glad she like Uncle Mike to!

    And just so you know I am really ticked off at your internet right now. I saw the new post from you, clicked on it, but before it loaded the internet kicked out and didn't work for a few minutes!! GRRR..... ;)

  2. Oh man, how beautiful. ^tears^


  4. How awesome is that little girl. I knew that she was missing her momma something fierce. What a relief for her to know that you're back! :) Somehow I didn't think it would take her long at all to get some lovin from Uncle Mike. :)

  5. She is an amazing girl, that's for sure! And getting up on all 4s??? AWESOME! I wonder if the caregivers were working with her...Can't wait for Gotcha Day!!! :-)

  6. AWESOME!!!!! Beautiful pics!! So excited for you!!

  7. Love this! Of course she remembered her mama! She's one smart girl :) Uncle Mike sounds like a really cool guy and I think Lyla already has him wrapped around her little finger ;)