Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ready to bring Lyla home forever!!!!

Sitting here in Dulles washington airport ready to board a flight to Germany!! Today is the day!!!! Today is the day I have been waiting for!!! Today is the day that I finally get to travel to bring Lyla home Forever!! Wow!!!

Those of you that follow the Basile's family blog might remember the super awesome guy that traveled with Sarah to bring Mila home. His name is Mike and he is a retired firefighter!! In addition to fighting fires for 30 years he is also an EMT!!! So Sarah Basile introduced us to Mike and his very lovely wife Carol. We knew immediately that we were Blessed to meet such a wonderful compassionate couple. I mean really, how often does a man offer to travel to Ukraine and his wife agree with his very generous offer not once but now twice and this time to a family they had never even met?? Well we are Blessed that is for sure!!

I am also so happy to share that Ms. Sarah Birschbach, daughter of My wonderful friends Jill & Pat is home helping taking care of the littles. We are so blessed her parents agreed to this as she is such a huge help to have around the house. I just love her so much. She even made a hat to match Lyla's gotcha day outfit in like 4 hours!! Wow!!

How about all those Blessings?? Amazing I know!!!

Also my very best friend Gretchen is helping Again!! The littles love her so much and she is truly a GOD send of a friend!!! I love you Gretchy!!!

So now that everything is in place, I'm going to go get my girl!!!

Thank GOD!!!
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  1. Friend of Sarah and Mike- travel safe, Mike is the guy you want for help..he will take care of you. Bring that Lyla home safe and sound.

    Sue M.

  2. I am soo honored to be here, and your littles miss you already! SG is feeling much better, and Gav and Belle were saying mamamamama in the stroller on the way back tonight! Loving on your babies and taking lots of pictures that I'll send you later.

    Stay safe and bring that girl home ASAP!!!! Love you!!!!

  3. I can't wait to see Lyla home! I'm glad you have good company to help you and that your children at home are well taken care! I follow Sarah's family blog, and I think she's an amazing young lady with such a passionate heart for orphans!

  4. Oh Summer that is wonderful you have Mike going with you and so much help at home! Finally the story of Lyla two years in the making is having her happy ever after!! I am so excited and cant wait for gotcha day!! My prayers are for safe and healthy travels. Love ya,

  5. You go get her! :-)

    Sarah is having a great time. We miss her though! We are honored to allow her to be a small part of Lyla's AMAZING story. So proud of her.

    Praying for a quick and safe trip!

  6. how exciting that the big day is within reach! can't wait to see photos of her home!