Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tomorrow!!!!!!!! (And first day of school!)

Yes we have a pretty big day tomorrow!!!! Lyla will no longer live the life of an orphan!!! Tomorrow she is FREE!!!!! I have the absolute Blessing of walking her right in to her new life!!!

Don't think I will be doing much sleeping tonight!!!

Tomorrow I get my girl!!!!

Thank GOD!!!!!

Sarah is so amazing and she took pictures of Bellie and Gavin's first day of school today. Wow!!! Tears flowing all over the place after viewing her post HERE!
I am so proud of those two!!

(Also check out Sarah's blog for more pictures of my lovies!!!!)

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  1. All the pictures were amazing on Sarah's blog. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm totally in awe of Bellie. What a big girl. Oh my cue the tears indeed. Gavin what a guy!!!

    Owen and Sara, get better soon. I can't wait to hear about your first days of school too.

    Go MOMMA SPITZ, spring that girl of yours it has been way too long waiting.....

    Thanks Mike for taking such great photos and keeping Summer safe and loving on Lyla. Bring them home!!!!