Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Love Bug

 Pretty sure this is my favorite picture so far.  This was taken yesterday at our evening visit.  She really couldn't be any sweeter!!!
 Lyla was not feeling well this morning.  She seemed to be content as long as we walked while holding her.  The second we stopped - she let us know - "GET MOVING"!!!  Love Her!!!!
 I can't even get over these eyes!!!!
 I Love Her So Much!!!!!!
 Daddy is pretty smitten with his new princess!!!!
 Look at her hold his face.  Oh My!!!!
 Daddy trying to comfort his sweet girl!!!!
Holding her is HEAVEN!!!!!

Guess who was feeling a little better for our evening visit????  YAY!!!  THANK GOD!!!  We even had a little tummy time where Lyla decided to strike this pose!!!  She is too much!!! 


  1. Ohhhh my goodness!!! Little lovie dovie!!! You are guys are seriously LUCKY TO LOVE LYLA!

  2. Thank you for more beautiful pictures of your little love. It was meant to be!! We will continue to pray for Lyla's health and a swift court process.

  3. Summer, I can only imagine what it feels like to hold a dream fulfilled :) Even watching you bring home Gavin (and I started following him while he was still in the baby house!) didn't bring me as much joy as seeing sweet Lyla in your arms. Brings everything full a place that all I can say is HE IS FAITHFUL!!!! xoxo Genesis 28:15