Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hockey to Orphanage

Only my husband could find a way to play Hockey in Ukraine.

Last night we went to the ice rink to skate and cool off because it is so very HOT!!!  In the parking lot as we were leaving we ran in to a man packing his car with Hockey gear.  Kostya asked this man if Dave would be able to play before he left for America.  The man said "Yes, 7:30 am tomorrow".  Dave was so excited!!!  So we all went to the rink early this morning and met Serge who had full Hockey gear for Dave to wear.  And that's that - Dave played Hockey in Ukraine!!!  SO CRAZY!!!

 He was even able to wear a jersey with his number on it - SO CRAZY!!!!  Go Number 8!!!!

Pretty sure he wanted to get an idea of how good everyone was before he headed out on the ice. 

Dave and his new Friends!!!  After the game Dave went out to eat with the guys and went to the house of his new friend Max.  He had the Best Time!!!  Amazing Memories that will last forever!!!  So Awesome!!!!  Dave was invited to play tomorrow morning and Tuesday evening too.  So Crazy!!!  I can't even believe it!!!

 Then after Hockey this man heads to an orphanage to Love on his Beautiful daughter!!!
 Swinging and Kissing her!

I promise you this, I know how very Blessed I am!!!!!


  1. What a fun opportunity for Dave!!!! We are really enjoying all of the pictures of Lyla and the two of you. She looks like such a cuddle bug.

  2. Yes! I HOPE you know how very blessed you are! Here I am trying to talk nmy husband into taking Sprout's new baby sibling (if it's a girl) and there's your hubby...across the world bringing home your 4th adopted blessing!!! A bit jealous...I am :) Be blessed!