Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet Love

Oh how we LOVE this girl!!! 

Lyla is not able to sit by herself yet but she is getting stronger each visit it seems.  She also has a very hard time holding up her sweet head.  It breaks my heart when her head just flops back - UGH - it makes me crazy really but this will change very soon!!!

Her caregivers are so nice.  They LOVE her I can tell and this sure helps a Momma's heart.  THANK GOD!!!  They told us today that she is fed only with a bottle.  Her meals consist of soup, vegetables and a meat puree.  They said she is not spoon fed because she is unable to sit.  :(   
We are going to feed her dinner tonight and I am so grateful for this opportunity to bond even more.   For a child that has been confined to a crib she is handling us loving on her so well.  She definitely lets us know when it's TOO MUCH!!  She swats at us which is a reminder of her fighting spirit.  She had been pushing me away if I tried to kiss her but NOT TODAY!!!  She let me and she let me kiss her over and over again.  She wasn't even afraid of the tears streaming from my face. 

I wish I was able to give you a report on her heart.  Unfortunately the information we have received doesn't make sense so I will wait to post when we have accurate information.   Lyla does have some difficulty breathing but she is so very strong and it doesn't seem to bother her one bit.  It sure isn't easy watching someone you love so very much struggle.  She sure is teaching us about the true meaning of STRENGTH!!!!

Lufthansa found my bag- WOO HOO!!!!!  I was starting to think it was gone forever.  It is in Kiev right now and will be put on a bus by our amazing Ukraine Team to be delivered to us.  WOW!!!  I am so relieved!!  Lyla's beautiful gotcha day dress is in that bag - THANK GOD IT WAS FOUND!!!

I am considering staying for the 10 day.  I really don't think I can leave her.  We just need everything to work out at home so this can happen.  Our family and friends at home are doing an amazing job but it is not easy and we are just so grateful.  So if any of you are able to watch 4 toddlers while Dave is at work, please let me know.  Thank you :)

We were told by the orphanage that August 8 and 9 will be the hottest days ever.  It will be dangerous to be outside.  They are considering closing the orphanage for those two days.  Please Pray that Lyla and all the beautiful children will be able to stay cool enough that their health is not jeopardized.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared.

Thank you for all the amazing support and prayers!!  I know that Lyla is as strong as she is because of PRAYER and again, I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!!!


  1. If I lived near you I'd watch those littles in a heartbeat! I hope someone steps up for you so you can help Lyla get through the heat wave.

  2. Summer & Dave,

    Thank you for brightening my mornings this week with the beautiful pictures of Lyla and all of you. I will be praying for her health and the protection of all the children during the hot days. Wish we lived closer, I would take care of the littles in a second.

  3. My prayers continue from Blacksburg, SC!!

  4. Summer-I just knew once you got there that you wouldnt want to leave her. I do not blame you ONE STINKIN BIT! She is so amazing. I just love how she has waited patiently and fought for her family. Every single picture just brings tears to my eyes. I am so thankful that her caregivers love her and are taking the best care of her that they can with the resources they have been given. She is indeed a VERY special girl (as if you needed me to tell you that). Please give her a gentle squeeze or a little kiss from me. I just want to reach through the screen and hug her and tell her not to worry or be scared ever again. She will ALWAYS be loved not just by her momma and daddy but by all of her family. Not even just them, but all of the cyber aunties who have loved her along the way too. :-) Okay...Ive nearly typed a novel. So glad they found your bag! You just keep loving your girl.

  5. What a sweet love!!! I'll email you later about what we talked about on the phone a couple weeks ago. Not sure it would completely solve your problem, but it might help a bit.

    SOOOOO glad they found your bag!!! You look as beautiful as always w/o having it though. :-)

    Remember when you got Gavin's SDA appt and I told you should really try going to this country at some point besides dreary winter? Well, I think fall would have been a bit better than record breaking heat...but things are so much prettier there now, aren't they? Seriously though, I will be praying for all the children across the country during this very hot time. You should ask if they have fans for her room (or Gav's old grouppa room). You could find some at their version of WalMart (I forgot what it's called - reminded me of Cosco, but that's not it - they had big billboards all over J's city) for about $10 each. Pick one for your apt too if there isn't one already.

    Love to you all!

  6. Yay that they found your luggage! Praying you find someone to watch your kids & for the heat.

  7. Summer, if you need to buy fans for the orphanage, I will help fundraise! :)

    Glad they found your luggage!

  8. Oh I have just been so captivated by Lyla's amazing story. Oh the great love you must feel swelled in your heart. God is SO good! The pictures are just beautiful and tell such a story as well. She just molds into you both as though she were always together with you. I love her staring up at Daddy (she looks alot like him :) And she already seems so adept with her little left hand with no therapy or anything, she has perservered through it all. Truly a remarkable princess. God Bless and prayers for her health.

  9. Oh how i love this story! Got us praying about adopting from the same place it's such an awesome story. What totally rockin hearts you all have. I'm in SE Pa, if you're anywhere near there, I'd watch whoever needs watched :)