Monday, August 13, 2012

No court date yet but

No court date yet but it means more time spent with our sweet angel girl!!!

We met with the director today and she said

"You have done magic with Leeza in two weeks"

I of course cried!!!

Such a BLESSING to hear these words but I also was thinking how I wanted to tell the Director all the MAGIC Lyla has done for us!!!!

 We use the ipad for Lyla to try and keep her head up.  WORKS GREAT!!!!!
 Ha Ha!!!  How about those eyes???????
Now that she is getting so confident holding herself up she will only hold on to her Daddy's ear!!!  She cracks us right up!!!

It didn't take long for my sweet girl to understand how much I love her!!!  She has decided I believe to LOVE me right back!!!  Can't explain how absolutely AMAZING that feels!!!!
I am smiling just as big on the other side!!!!
I didn't need her to reciprocate my LOVE - honestly I didn't.  I knew it would take lots and lots of time.  Never in a million years after meeting her and realizing how alone and independent she was did I think she would LOVE me so soon!!!  I mean she didn't even want us to touch her at all. 

Can you believe it???  Can you even believe how BLESSED I am???? 

I want everyone to feel this LOVE!!!!  Every single person needs to feel this LOVE!!!  Please Promise that you wont ignore the call to adopt.  Please PROMISE that even if you don't think it's possible but you see a little one - or you feel that you are the Mom of a child somewhere in this world - that you will figure it out and DO IT!!!  Don't MISS the opportunity to feel the most truest LOVE!!!  Don't miss out on seeing YOUR CHILD experience LOVE for the first time!!!  Don't miss out on the chance of knowing you are the Most Blessed Person in the Whole WORLD!!!!!

Forever Grateful for being the Mom of EIGHT of the Most AMAZING BLESSINGS!!!!


  1. No words just in AWE of this true blessing!

  2. Oh she is so amazing. What a blessing!

  3. Oh Summer... I am loving the daily pictures!! They are keeping a smile on my face!!