Sunday, August 12, 2012

Court Date

We have been told we will get our court date tomorrow morning.  Please Pray that this will be true.  We are so anxious to be the parents of this Angel Girl!!! 

Thank you so much - ALL OF YOU - for the amazing never ending support!!!  We are living this amazing dream and we are just so BLESSED to have you all right here with us!!!

I Love Dancing With This Girl!!!

 Look at these two!!!  A Father will find his daughter if he answers the call to adopt.  Even if his daughter is on the other side of the world. 
 Oh My!!!  I really don't think she could be any more STUNNING!!!!!

It sure has been one heck of a ride to finally be here with Lyla.  I would do it all over again a million times OVER to be right here - right now - with HER!!!!! 

Thank You GOD for this most Amazing Gift!!!!! 


  1. She is absolutely stunning! So glad that she took care of her brother and sister, and then held on for y'all. She has made her great and beautiful family.Congrats.

  2. Finally! Praying it does happen. Let us know!! :-)

  3. She is stunning!!!!! Have you all been able to get any more medical information regarding her heart? She looks great....soaking up all of the LOVE!!!!

    Stephanie Lynch

  4. She is so gorgeous! I just want to smooch on those perfect cheeks! Praying that you get your court date and that it goes very smoothly.