Friday, August 10, 2012

No court date yet but LOVING our time with Lyla

We should know our court date Monday morning.  Please Pray!!!!  We were told we will have court Tuesday or Wednesday.  Praying this is true!!  We want so badly to be her Mom & Dad LEGALLY!!!  We want to scream to the world that Lyla is our daughter FINALLY!!!  Oh I just can't wait!!!!

Each moment we spend with this precious treasure is just the best Gift from God!!  We are constantly in awe of her beauty, strength and even her little attitude.  She will be a Spitz girl after all and GOD Knows we Spitz girls can have an attitude.  Most people that know me, Tay, Sg and Belle will attest to this.  So obviously Lyla needs to have a bit of one too.  Lyla absolutely let's us know when she is not happy about something.  Our first few visits she did NOT like being touched at all.  Like if we rubbed her leg or touched her sweet face she would swat at us.  Now, she is allowing us to touch her and love on her pretty much all we want.  She will let us know if we have crossed the line though with a little Lyla swat!!  LOVE IT!!!!

Today was the first time she tried to sit up by herself while on our lap.  So Amazing!!  Also today, she was able to hold her head up while Dave was walking with her.  OH MY!!!  Normally she just lays her precious head on our chest but not today, today she wanted to do MORE. She sure did!!! 

 Now that is one Proud Papa!!!!
 She is getting more confident here, using her right upper arm to support her.
 Then BOOM - just like that - she is supporting herself for the FIRST TIME!!!!!
 Just looking around as if she has always been able to hold her head up.
 Dave felt her little body start to weaken so he tried to distract her with a fun little game.
 But it was too much - her little neck was so tired!!  Holding her head up for about 3 or 4 minutes was a very long time.  We were so PROUD!!!!  Tay was pretty tired too!!  HA HA!!!
 Then she surprised us and decided to lift her head up again all by herself!!! 
 And then this!!!  Perfection!!!!  Like she has been doing this FOREVER!!!  Oh We Love Her!!!
 One of my favorite pictures of our sweet girl!!!!
Such an ANGEL!!!!!
Oh Yes, We Are Lucky to Love Lyla!!!!!
So very LUCKY!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! So happy to see these big steps already happening :) When she has been home and settled and adapted and bonded, I am coming to visit. I want to meet you and your whole family and all of your kiddos.... I know it will take some time, but I want to! I have one other RR kiddo up in your general vicinity of the country I've been wanting to go see for a while now, so I might just have to make it a double trip. Oh I would just be in heaven!!!

  2. Praying for good news on Monday regarding court. Lyla is just beautiful and such a spunky little girl. I really enjoyed all of the pictures. Can't wait to see her with Belle, SG and all the kids.