Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still Waiting For Court

Yes, we are still waiting for our court date.  Normally I think this would make me a bit batty.  But when I get to spend time with Lyla it is impossible to be negative about anything.  That is a FACT!! 

One of her nanny's stopped us today and wanted to tell us something.  With tears in her eyes she told us she couldn't believe how much Leeza has changed since we have been here.  She said Leeza waits for us to come each visit and she can feel the love Leeza has for us.  She told us she even rests more peacefully now.  She kept holding her heart as she spoke.  OH MY!!!!

 Lyla sure doesn't mind being held by her biggest brother!!!! 

But then he does this and she is like "WHOA!!!!!!!!" 



  1. Can you imagine the amazing things she will be doing in such a short period of time? If in the orphanage the changes are so obvious, and they are, I cannot wait to see her blossom at home!!!!

  2. Praying for a court date for you guys, Summer. It is wonderful to see the light in Lyla's eyes since you have been with her. What a blessing you are to each other. The pictures from today are just beautiful.

  3. She is a beautiful girl! Your family is so blessed to have her!

  4. I totally agree with Patty. We can definitely see the light in her eyes! She's coming ALIVE!!! That's so awesome the nannies have noticed too.

    UGH about the court date! Praying you find out SOON!!!

  5. I'm also loving all the extra family time you're getting with the two of them as well as Lyla! Love that face hes making it must crack her up.

  6. Ohh Summer... I can not believe how good she looks. I agree, she really is coming ALIVE!

    The 4th picture - my favorite picture EVER I think!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    Praying you hear about the court date tomorrow!!!

  7. Love the look on Taylor's face in the corner of the last pic!! So cute!

  8. I really hate that you have to leave her precious little self for the waiting period after she is legally declared your daughter. Are Taylor and her hubby going to visit with her in your absence? I hate to think that the little sweetie will be so sad and confused for that waiting period.

    Do you think they will expedite or waive the wait? I just want her home already!!!!

  9. LOVE that the caregivers are noticing such a change in her! There is no doubt about it, God has had a special plan for Lyla all along and He has you just where He wants you, at the exact time He wants you there... for such a time as this.

    Praying that you will see His hand each and every step of the way and that He would contiue to be glorified both in Ukraine and around the world to all who read your precious princess' story.