Thursday, June 21, 2012


This last picture just cracks me up.  Belle was not happy that Gav was sitting next to her in the wagon.  Then she realized he was smiling and she gave him that look.  With her little hand on his shoulder reminding him that she is not happy with his choice of seat.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Our Belle has an attitude and she so is not afraid to show it.  Then you have Gav who could care less if she is upset with him or not.  These two are something else.

Confession:  I am going CRAZY waiting for a travel date.  For real - it's a tad painful.  I thought the third time around would be so much easier with waiting.  NOPE - I WAS SO WRONG!!!!  It is killing me!!!  I am constantly stressing about Lyla's health.  I would leave right now if someone gave me the go ahead.  I keep reminding myself that she has survived when many thought she wouldn't.  She is obviously a FIGHTER in every sense of the word.  I can't help but thinking of her all alone in that closet of a room just LAYING there, LAYING there and LAYING there.

Would you please send up a PRAYER for LYLA???  I would be so grateful!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!

Stay Strong Beautiful Princess!!! 

Soon you will be swimming!!!!
maybe even fighting over a seat in a wagon!!!!



  1. I love how the chord to the iron above Lyla's head in the picture looks like a halo above her head. That's no coincidence, I'm sure.

    Praying she's in your arms soon!

  2. Praying for Lyla.
    Actually we have had "Lilianna"'s picture on our home page for months and have been praying for her since November 2011.
    There will be much rejoicing here
    in a little town in Southern Ontario Canada
    when Lyla gets home.
    the robertson family

  3. Bellie is looking so grown up! She's a miracle girl for sure. All the littles look great! I can't wait to see Lyla having fun with them too, I'm praying for a travel date so you can bring her home soon!