Monday, June 25, 2012

She will make sure of it!!!!

Sara (aka: SG) will make sure that her big sister Belle doesn't miss out on anything ever.  This was our conversation just an hour ago.

Sara:  Mom, Belle wants to ride the four wheeler
Me:  Honey, she can't yet
Sara:  Sure she can Mom

Then this conversation,

Sara:  Mom, I think she wants to drive
Me:  SG she can't drive yet
Sara:  Sure she can Mom

You are right SG - She SURE CAN!!!!!!!


  1. Love it, thank you for sharing. I think I needed that reminder from SG today in my own life.

  2. The young will teach us all a lesson every now and then. Way to SG! You rocked at being a super star!

  3. Way to go Sara! You are a great sister!